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6 Corporate Vision / 2018 HR & Training Awards , Stucki Leadership & TeamDevelopment Best Organisational Development Consultancy - Switzerland For more than 30 years, Stucki Leadership & Team Development has been supporting clients from different countries and industries in the development of leadership skills, team development and change processes. We profile this dynamic and innovative company to find out more and explore how its innovative approach has helped it support a wide variety of clients over the past three decades. In 1984, Robert Stucki founded Stucki for Leadership and Team Development. From the beginning he anchored the approach of action-oriented learning in the company. This made Stucki a pioneer in leadership training in Switzerland, as the action-oriented approach was hardly known in Europe at the time. During the 1980s, leadership challenges were different than they are today. For leadership positions, people were often recruited who could prove a military career. Despite their high rank, many leaders lacked important components of social skills. As the Eastern bloc disintegrated, the military career became less attractive to cadre personnel. Management training has become popular and has made executives aware of belonging to the elite; but not with leadership or life experience. Being born in the middle of this trying period for the industry, Stucki came just right at that time. With the approach of action- oriented learning, the firm had a pragmatic model that stood out from the purely military education, as well as the emerging esoteric and the theoretical management training. After the turn of the millennium, managers had to learn to handle the flood of information and the pressure of constant accessibility due to the new electronic means of communication. Ever since, Stucki has increasingly relied on the principle of “deceleration” in the development of executives in order to create space for development and learning processes. In order to live the intergenerational exchange as a team, the firm consciously employed employees from all age groups. In addition, Stucki introduced flexible working time models and sabbaticals for long- term employees and began to train our trainers also in-house. Since its inception Stucki has been working alongside its clients to enhance their long-term leadership work and collaboration. In 2017 Robert Stucki sold the company to Bernard Reber. From this point on the firm has started a new page of the Stucki history accompanied with some new products, a new web site and a new corporate identity. Today Stucki is an experienced company with a proven and constantly evolving method: the Stucki method. Thanks to the team’s vision, methodical approach and adaptability, over the years the firm has grown steadily. Action-based learning can be easily adapted to the ever-changing needs of leaders and is therefore still the most effective and sustainable form of leadership training. To achieve its goals and support its clients, the firm implements the unique Stucki method and offers its valued clients a range of innovative seminars and workshops which the team always tailor to suit modern practice. Thanks to its vast experience in the market, Stucki is now an international company with offices in Central America, the Middle East and several European countries. The firm combines knowledge from several generations, continents, companies and cultures. Although technology is key to modern business, Stucki focus fully on a personal approach to their work. A personal meeting or one of the firm’s introductory workshops would be the perfect first step to understand their unique solutions and how they can adapt these to meet individual clients’ needs. Looking to the future, Stucki will be continuing its legacy of adaptability and innovation to ensure it continues to offer its valued clients the same high- quality service and solutions that they have come to rely on over the past 30 years. Oct18529 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: Stucki Leadership & Team Development Website: