CV Issue 1 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2018 19 A Secret You Need to Know About g allowing them to prepare both physically and emotionally for the procedure. “Moreover, our English-speaking consultants will assist our clients every step of the way, taking into consideration any special requests they have. Our team are highly experienced, fully certified and utterly dedicated to providing a world-class standard in medical services, and because most of our business is through personal recommendation, clients can rest assured they are in safe hands.” After founding the firm and having her own inspirations behind Secret Surgery, Angela is quick to praise her team, which she believes is at the heart of the company’s success. She is keen to emphasise her commitment to her staff, and she is very selective when it comes to new team members, working primarily with those who have had similar experiences to the firm’s clients in order to ensure true empathy and understanding. “Secret Surgery’s team is 85% talented women, who have become a member of the Secret Surgery team, as they have a passion to support fellow clients who want to change their life’s. “When hiring new staff, I tend to recruit people who have taken the journey themselves and truly understand the client’s goals and concerns, and wants to provide a compassionate, conscientious and personalised service.” Able to distinguish itself from other cosmetic surgery company’s, Secret Surgery has a human element to it, adopting a personal approach when undertaking new clients and projects. Any questions that clients have are always answered with honesty and openness, and it is the trust that is built between the client and the team which really makes the company special, something Angela is keen to point out. “Overall, my firm’s most significant success is our community of clients who share their experiences, photos and support each other every day. The company was built brick by brick, one client by one client. We have not had a huge injection of cash and fancy marketing strategies to woo future clients. The client community share their experiences, photos and Contact: Angela Chouaib Contact Email: [email protected] Phone: 0745 022 0123 Website: support each other every day, through social media which has help shape the firm. Real client’s photos and images give people realistic expectation of what they can expect from different types of surgical procedures. “The ‘real people, not models’ campaign was a successful and unique step for the firm, it was the clients spread the good work of the surgeons not the firm, which in turn has raised the firm’s credibility and integrity across the client community.” Looking ahead, Angela signs off by stating that the firm will continue to place an emphasis on its clients, guaranteeing that they are the centre of the business philosophy, in terms of both ideas and delivery. The company, team and the clients are something Angela is clearly very proud of, leaving Secret Surgery well placed to cement itself as a leader within the industry. “Ultimately, Secret Surgery is committed to meeting the individual needs of each and every one of its valued clients. Therefore, as we move towards the future, we have created a growth plan that moves with the needs of our clients and the ever- changing world of the cosmetic surgery industry. There are many new medical facilities and countries that we are looking to expand our services to. There is a lot of due diligence involved in this process to ensure everything is perfect before sending clients, but once this is complete, we are looking forward to sending our customers to new and exciting lands.”