CV Issue 1 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2018 25 , Adnan Kelana Haryanto &Hermanto Lawyers (AKHH) is a dynamic general practice, Indonesian lawfirmwith extensive experience in cross-border and transnational transactions. We spoke to Stefanus Haryanto as we examinedmore about the company and its success. Getting the Right Results Established in Jakarta, AKHH is a one-stop law firm that provides legal services ranging from general corporate, oil and gas, telecommunication, anti-trust, consumer protection, arbitration and litigation, administrative, environmental law through to criminal law practices. Since its founding, the firm has opened an additional branch office in Batam, a special industrial region situated next to Singapore. Stefanus starts off by telling us what differentiates the firm from its competitors, and what marks it out as the best possible option for clients. He emphasises that the customer satisfaction levels are at an incredibly high level. “Here at AKHH, our firm is committed to providing quality services to our clients, and based on the testimonies from clients, our firm is considered to be the best law firm in terms of response time to any inquiry from the client. “Additionally, AKHH is also well known for adopting a business and commercial approach in advising clients on how to resolve a dispute. Thus, in many cases we have advised our clients to consider commercial aspects in making a decision, notwithstanding the fact that our client has a strong legal position in a dispute.” Regarding the firm’s approach to new clients and projects, Stefanus explains what steps the firm takes to ensure that customer satisfaction stays at the highest level that it possibly can. He mentions that the firm tries to find the best legal solution for client, after assessing the client’s position. “When undertaking a new project, we always ensure that we obtain truthful and accurate information from the clients. In a litigation, if, in our opinion, the legal position of the client is not strong, we would suggest a negotiation as oppose to a litigation to resolve the dispute.” Hard work and a commitment to the cause is something that is rewarded throughout the company. Stefanus notes that lawyers who work harder get bigger rewards, as opposed to those who coast through their work. “Essentially, our corporate culture is to treat all lawyers equally, based on a merit system. Lawyers who work very hard at the end of the year will receive bigger bonuses compared to those who work leisurely. Our lawyers can even calculate their own bonuses since we use a transparent bonus calculation system based on the actual working hours paid by the clients. By adopting this system, all of our lawyers are motivated to 1801CV18 work productively and the partners of the firm are simply providing training and supervision to ensure the quality of their work.” Providing us with a brief overview of the industry in Indonesia, Stefanus believes that the legal industry within Indonesia is about to get more competitive as there are more law firms materialising all over the country. “Within Indonesia, there have been more law firms established recently, and this will make the legal market in Indonesia more competitive. Some newly established law firms are collaborating with big foreign law firms, with some being funded by them. However, we are quite confident with our position in the market, since we have more experience and more knowledge on Indonesian law compare to those new lawyers.” In his concluding comments, Stefanus looks to the future, predicting a more competitive industry in which AKHH will maintain its status of being an independent Indonesian law firm. Providing quality legal services to its clients and training its lawyers to a high level, AKHH will establish itself as one of the leading law firms within Indonesia. “Moving forward, our overall mission is to provide quality legal services to our clients, and to achieve this we always train our lawyers to understand the law. As well as being team players, we encourage out staff to be creative and innovative in providing legal solutions to the clients. “Ultimately, AKHH will maintain its status of being the independent Indonesian law firm, despite the fact there are many offers from big foreign law firms requesting to have a formal association with them. “ Company: Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto Lawyers Contact: Stefanus Haryanto Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Chase Plaza, 18th Floor, Jend. Sudirman Kav 21, Jakarta, 12920, Indonesia Phone: 62215208270 Website: