CV Issue 1 2018

30 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2018 , Better Globe AS inNorway is the marketing part of their sister company Better Globe Forestry Ltd in Kenya and Uganda. Rino Solberg explains more about the firmand the services that it offers. Eradicating Poverty in Africa Through Profits. Better Globe AS see themselves as one with Better Globe Forestry, and they believe that they cannot present one without the other, as each company possesses the same vision and mission. Rino provides us with a brief overview of the company, who they work with and what services the team offers. “Here at Better Globe, we sell high quality trees as a valuable commodity with a very good buyback deal, and the trees are planted and processed in Africa by Better Globe Forestry. So, we actually serve customers all over the world, as the sale is mostly done online through our website. “Additionally, we also sell a second product, something we call a Donation Package, which consists of trees, water, microfinance and support for children, where 100% of the donation part of the package is given to needy farmer families and where two trees are kept for a good profit, for the ones who buys the package and give the donation. Our customers are from all over the world, as we have sales agents and customers from over 40 countries.” Possessing both a vision and a mission which align themselves with saving the environment and eradicating poverty, it is important that the company set itself realistic goals, and Rino outlines what steps are necessary in order to achieve this. “Embedded in the company is our vision which is; ‘To eradicate poverty and corruption in Africa.’ Whilst our mission is; ‘By social entrepreneurship plant as many trees as there are people on this planet and thereby finance a sustainable implementation of our vision’, both of which are key to our success.” “When looking to reach our goals, our strategy is through a three-pronged approach, the first is to make the tree planting of mahogany the money-making engine behind the whole concept, where money is earned for everybody which is involved, the farmers who plant the trees, the company running the operation, the people who sell trees and the people who buy the trees in the first place. 1711CV21