Issue 1 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2019 25 , Nov18407 Andrie is a premier maritime company focusing on providingmarine transportation and specializedmarine solutions with corporate headquarters inMuskegon, Michigan. Recently, we profiled the firmand spoke with Andrie’s CFO, Joe Haehner who provided us with a detailed insight into the innovative services the teamdelivers to their clients. Striving for Efficiency and Effectiveness Founded in 1988, Andrie serves a di- verse customer base throughout the Great Lakes and beyond. Andrie offers its customers an integrated team of professionals that are guided by their values of: honesty, customer focus, ‘can do it safely’ attitude, coopera- tion, and quality. The firm strives for efficiency, effectiveness, and their empow- ered employee teams strive to be the benchmark in safety and performance across the markets they serve. In addition to this, the team value each other, their dedicated vendors, and value their lasting customer relation- ships. Andrie’s Marine Trans- portation Group offers efficient, reliable and safe transportation of a variety of cargo ranging from petroleum products to cement in addition to providing vessel management services, lightering, icebreaking, and tow- ing. Going into further detail, Joe begins by informing us of the clients that the team serves, and the techniques used to ensure that they deliver an exceptional service. “Here at Andrie, our main goal is to develop a long term, value added relationship with every customer. The driving force behind Andrie’s continued partnerships is to build the relationship with our custom- ers so that we have a deep understanding of each other’s business. To achieve this, one method we employ is to invite our customers to present at our biennial crew meeting as the keynote speaker. By doing this, it provides the opportunity for our employees to hear directly from those we serve and for the speaker to share their company goals and expectations of our employees. “In addition to the keynote address, our employees gain valuable training, company updates, and have the occasion to interact with our customers as well as the rest of our fleet in team building experiences away from the vessel.” As for what enables the firm to be the success as we know it today, Joe explains how the cornerstone of Andrie’s oper- ational approach is to safely and reliably address customer needs, striving to exceed their expectations. “One of Andrie’s deep-rooted Values is ‘A Customer Focus’. Andrie is committed to under- standing and satisfying custom- er needs. Each relationship with every customer is tailored to that customer’s requirements, since we believe long term success is dependent on ‘win-win relation- ships’ with all of our partners.” Speaking of success, Joe was recently selected in Corpo- rate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards where he was righteously awarded the accolade The USA’s CFO of the Year 2018 - Marine Transport & Logistics. When discussing his role as CFO, Joe highlights how his years of experience has enabled him to excel within his current role. “As the Chief Financial Officer of Andrie, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, I am ac- countable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the firm. This includes the development of a fi- nancial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve compa- ny assets and report accurate financial results. “In addition to this, I also spear head significant business devel- opment initiatives for Andrie by identifying growth opportunities with existing and new custom- ers. My many years of logistic and supply chain experience combined with my financial and strategic knowledge, helps me to foster existing client relation- ships by providing value added services.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Andrie will continue to deliver an excep- tional service in a safe and en- vironmentally sound way which surpasses both the expectations of the firm and the clients. Company: Andrie Website: