Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

What makes Gordons approach unique is the simplicity of his training as this makes what is being taught accessible to everyone and allows them to understand and implement the tasks at hand. Through his caring and considerate approach Gordons leadership coaching and training is delivered to leaders just as if it would be for his own team. His training embodies four key principles – Focus, Accountable, Simple and Transparent, which allows his clients to make swift and sustainable improvements within just a few months. Gordon then helps to create simple plans and solutions that helps the leaders to begin and progress with their development journey. He regularly receives feedback from his clients who truly believe he cares about them and their business, which is a real testament to Gordon and his work. “We care about our people, we care about our customers, and we care about our results, and I would say I embody that approach”, Gordon explained. Gordon helps both corporations and individuals, whether they are looking to grow their business, transition to new roles, overcome challenges or improve performance. Through his stellar reputation, he’s had very little need for outbound sales and focuses his efforts on his personal branding and social media presence, which drives the majority of his clients to approach him for help. As is the case for many of us Gordon has faced several challenges this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. As an influential keynote speaker he was scheduled to speak at several events across the globe including China, South Africa, Denmark and the US but they were all cancelled, and Gordon has had to adapt to being involved in virtual events for the time being. “It’s quite difficult getting that same level of experience on-line as you do in person, but we’re moving in that direction”, Gordon explained. He has continued to support his clients by delivering live online training sessions and webinars and has modified his learning programs to allow leaders to continue their training online whilst still providing a caring and personal approach. Looking ahead, Gordon has a busy 12 months ahead of him. He is keen to return to speaking once live events begin to welcome audiences back in 2021, and he’s also excited to be launching a selection of new courses that are currently being developed, which will definitely be worth keeping an eye out for. Not only that but we can expect to see Gordons new book published by the second quarter of next year titled Leadership Made Simpler, which will no doubt be another ‘must have’ read for inspired leaders to add to their collection. All in all its an exciting time for Gordon and its clear to see how passionate and dedicated he is to his work and his clients. Through his energy and wisdom Gordon is helping to shape the future of businesses and leaders from around the world, and his true passion for what he does reverberates with us all and encourages us to think about how we can improve and progress in both our professional careers and our personal lives. A True Leader in Leadership Development CEO of Leadership Principles LLC, Gordon Tredgold, is a renowned Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and International Keynote Speaker. With the unique ability to assess difficult situations, Gordon is a true expert in supporting businesses and creating engaged and empowered teams that will achieve outstanding results. As winner of Best International Leadership Development Consultant in the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards, we profile Gordon to find out what makes him such a successful and inspirational leader. Originally from the North of England, Gordon Tredgold is known as one of the best leadership consultants, speakers and trainers in the world, and owes the majority of his success to his two passions in life, rugby and mathematics. Through his time as a rugby player Gordon has learnt what it really means to be a great coach and to have a solid plan in place, and by combining this with his love from problem solving, Gordon has been able to turn his passion into a long and fruitful career. With over 25 years of experience, Gordon is well known for delivering $100m programs, reducing company costs, driving change and leading global teams of more than a thousand employees to success. Throughout his career he has worked across various continents and for some of the best-known Fortune 100 companies such as Barclays, TUI, Kredtibank, DHL and Henkel just to name a few. His talents have also led him to write for Inc, Forbes Entrepreneur Business Insider and the Huffington Post and in 2015 he successfully published his own book called FAST – 4 Principles Everyone Needs to Achieve Success and Drive Results. In 2019, Gordon launched Leadership Principles LLC, a management consultancy firm dedicated to helping businesses drive engagement, performance and profits by providing leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. The company is made up of a small team of individuals which Gordon hired based on their positive attitude and unique skill sets, with each employee having a vital role to play to ensure the smooth operation of the services Gordon offers. Nov20355 Contact: Alyson Orler Company: Leadership Principles Ltd Web Address: