Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

This is combined with the other values at the heart of UpstartWorks, including Innovation, which is the process of developing and implementing proprietary technologies and unique solutions alongside ‘Rebelution’ to give clients and partners a competitive edge. Integrity stands for the company’s commitment to trustworthy and transparent partnerships that their partners can rely on, Dedication represents UpstartWorks’ never ending hustle to get the job done and finally Excellence, which is in the continuous delivery of clear results and deep performance insights that shows partners that UpstartWorks’ approach works. In a clearly laid out thirty, sixty, or ninety-day plan, UpstartWorks is able to show their partners how it is going to achieve success. Its selection of tools makes it even easier to efficiently master marketplaces and continue doing so once clients have finished working with UpstartWorks. For instance, VCP Portal, which is an all-encompassing API that offers real time sales reporting and access to every technology in the UsptartWorks technology suite. It is utilized by both clients of UpstartWorks and UpstartWorks account management teams. With the support of a portfolio of Smart tools like these, UpstartWorks is able to get clients’ products on the shelves of thousands of retailers across the United States. However, technological progress can only go so far in any company’s success without the support of a dedicated and professional team, which UpstartWorks undoubtedly has. Although a global enterprise, UpstartWorks retains some of its underdog mentality which sees its people constantly striving to be the best they can be in growing the success of their firm. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is a core philosophy of UpstartWorks’ internal culture and has seen exceptional results in professional and personal development for the team. For instance, twelve- hour workdays are conducive to successful growth and development and at the same time earn well-deserved and regular celebrations, whether in the form of a happy hour, dinner, or company party. With this balance of hard work and honoring every success, UpstartWorks has cultivated a positive working environment at the center of which is its people. There are many different roles within the firm, with some people taking responsibility for the day-to-day functions which foster the growth and development of clients and partners, others for the ever- improving shipping metrics through its distribution network, or for the growth of UpstartWorks’ thought leadership among customers and peers. Every single individual plays a vital role in the firm and together they form a strong team that collaborates to tackle the challenges that face a successfully growing business such as UpstartWorks. With plans to continue growing over the months and years ahead, UpstartWorks is actively recruiting new members to strengthen its team. Sourcing directly from referrals or using employment agencies, the firm is finding new talent who share the same ambitions and drive that exists at the heart of the UpstartWorks culture. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the team continues to operate at the same high standards and work towards the successful growth of their own business and their partners’. As such a tight-knit team, the adjustment to working from home instead of together has taken some getting used to, but UpstartWorks has been quick to adapt in the face of adversity, maintaining the same strong team culture that defines the firm. With a team mentality and the continued hustle, drive for growth and thought leadership, UpstartWorks continues to support their partners, enabling them to achieve the things that they care about most. Work Hard, Play Hard UpstartWorks is a technology, distribution and consulting firm that specializes in bringing products to market and improving sales and marketing processes. Experts in product development, supply chain management, marketing and ecommerce, UpstartWorks is well equipped to form partnerships with clients across the US and guide them to dominate on the world’s leading marketplaces. With headquarters in Chicago and offices in Dubai, Seattle, Taiwan and China, UpstartWorks is a truly global technology, distribution and consulting firm which specializes in helping brands achieve their missions in bringing products to market and overcoming any challenges in the sales and marketing processes that they may encounter along the way. Global marketplaces are evolving at an accelerating rate, each becoming more complex and intricate and posing their own unique challenges to those operating in them. At the same time, the world of consumers is becoming increasing reliant on a select group of these marketplaces including Amazon, making visibility and success on them crucial to the survival of any business. However, to navigate or even thrive in these markets requires expert knowledge and resources. Driven by the organization’s team mentality of growth, hustle and thought leadership, UpstartWorks partners with its brands to help them achieve the things they care about most. Having spent the past four years developing its own brand, the firm recognizes the struggle and rewarding nature of building a brand’s success and uses these insights to create solutions for their partners. Whilst monetary success is evidently important, for UpstartWorks, the greatest success is leaving lasting and sustainable impacts that promote growth beyond financial. Working with manufacturers and sellers of products across various categories in various sales channels, UpstartWorks aims to act as an extension of its clients’ current team to empower them towards success. However their services are used, whether it be to increase top line revenue, to bring their catalog to new distribution opportunities, or to create original creative content for their e-commerce presence, UpstartWorks’ dedicated team has the means to support their clients. Moreover, the firm’s expansive network can also be used to further boost B2B sales for industrial parts and equipment, enhancing UpstartWorks’ capabilities in providing the right strategy to help its clients to lead the market. As experts in product development, supply chain management, marketing, ecommerce solutions and go to market strategy, UpstartWorks is uniquely placed to not only navigate the world’s leading marketplaces, but to employ end-to-end solutions that push the boundaries in their strategies to dominate any marketplace. ‘Rebelution’ is one of UpstartWorks’ core values and is the driving force behind the whole team’s passion for resisting convention to find new, better ways to achieve success. Nov20130 Company: UpstartWorks Contact: Ryan Barron Website: