Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

Pegamento’s decade of experience and development has equipped it with a variety of tech platforms from which it can help its clients to optimise their customer service operations. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one such solution that is used in customer contact to assist clients in generating more business. For businesses of any size, customer contact is a vital opportunity to offer personal assistance, as well as to inform customers about additional products and services through cross- and up-selling. RPA enables the automation of common, repetitive actions with software and, in customer service, can be used to do the menial, repetitive tasks of logging in, consulting, processing, switching between data in different systems and more. This gives employees more time to engage in more important work, such as the real and valuable personal contact with customers. On the other hand, RPA technology such as chatbots can be given added intelligence to ask specific questions that will enhance customer experiences. For example, restaurants can use RPA-based chatbots for taking reservation bookings, using intelligent software to acquire all the information required about that booking and presenting a complete reservation to the company when needed. Consequently, there are many proven benefits to RPA, including automation, speed, accuracy, scalability, flexibility, and its ability to free up more time for the user. Pegamento’s other platforms include Britannica Knowledge Management, an online, hyper-intelligent software that acts as a proprietary knowledge base with answers to all customer questions, readily available in a neat, accessible software that can be integrated with AI, RPA, or corporate websites. In addition, Pegamento’s AI Mail Automation uses machine learning to find out the intention of emails and either generate automatic replies or sending them to the correct email address, rapidly sorting out the hundreds or even thousands of emails that can clog up a business’ operations on a daily basis. Finally, apptime is a single platform that Pegamento clients can use to coordinate, inform, and communicate with its employees easily and in an informal yet professional manner, something which has become especially important with the rise of remote working. The vast, innovative functions of Pegamento’s services are all fundamentally designed for ease, time management, and boosting customer engagement. Regardless of how advanced the technology that powers these platforms becomes, the priority of the Pegamento team remains on people; from its clients to their customers to the team at Pegamento itself. The firm considers itself very fortunate to be made up of a group of enthusiastic technical associates who are driven by a genuine Outstanding Customer-Focused RPA Solutions Provider Pegamento is a Netherlands-based company specialising in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), low coding, and its application in customer services. Providing tailored solutions that are delivered with meticulous client care, Pegamento seeks to achieve digital transformations that have a positive impact for businesses with high levels of customer engagement. As advancements in technology facilitate greater capabilities in Pegamento’s service and product offerings, we take a closer look at the firm. Established in 2009, Pegamento has grown exponentially from a team of three employees working with 1000 robots to a company of seventy that operates on 16,000 robots for hundreds of thousands of app, web and omnichannel users. Since its inception, Pegamento has specialised in applying low-code, AI, and RPA to customer-facing applications and as technology has rapidly advanced in the past decade, so too has Pegamento’s capabilities and offerings for clients. Fundamentally, Pegamento seeks to change the ways that consumers engage with its clients through online and offline media. Although specialists in robotics and AI automation, the firm values the human experience above all else, as customer engagement is what drives business success. Working with a broad range of clients, including governments, corporations, utilities companies, telecommunication service providers and other customer-centric businesses such as BMW and Intersolve, Pegamento collaborates with clients to enhance their business models through cognitive process automation that will boost customer engagement, without costing excessively in money or employees’ time. For Pegamento, successful digital transformation occurs once its clients and their customers experience the change in business operations. To do this most effectively, Pegamento invests in a balance of innovation and collaboration, exploring advances in technology and implementing the findings from this research into tailored solutions that suit their clients. This stage is called Business Analysis and is the first step of collaboration that each of Pegamento’s clients take when they begin working on a project, regardless of the scale or shape of their business or projected outcomes. By beginning with Business Analysis, the Pegamento team is able to establish what the objectives of the client are, to gain a thorough understanding of the elements that make up their business and, and to discuss the possible solutions and their implications for the client. A Pegamento Business Consultant spends two to four days with their clients at this stage, gathering as much insight as possible in order to create the ideal solution, which is then confirmed in a detailed report complete with a plan of action and expected improvements compared to the investment. Once the solution has been implemented, Pegamento remains on hand over the next three years to regularly check in and ensure that it is operating as it should, helping its clients to manage success rather than problems. As the digital workforce becomes an increasingly instrumental element of daily operations of businesses around the world, Pegamento is committed to ensuring that their solutions run as smoothly and effectively as possible. Aug20422 Company: Pegamento Contact: Serge Poppes Website: