Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

Jul20457 This is where Excelledia comes in. Excelledia decided to create the solution which will suit their clients’ needs. The consultants who understood the needs, as well as the expectations of their clients worked with the software development team within the firm to create their own enterprise management system; isorobot. Initially designed for their initial customers, isorobot was never intended to be sold for commercial use. Excelledia found that there was a greater need for their system within the market than they had originally thought. isorobot is one of the first intelligence business (ISO) management software. Designed with some of the very best practices of several ISO standards – isorobot stands out from the crowd. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Muhammed and the team at Excelledia will continue to deliver an exceptional service to clients, which not only meets their requirements but exceeds their expectations. With the phenomenal success the firm has seen with isorobot software system within the Middle East, Excelledia was able to expand their reach even further to Lisburn, Northern Ireland. As a relatively young company, we are certain that Excelledia will have continue to rise in the industry in the years to come. Company: Excelledia Digital Innovation Website: Making Transformation Possible With offices across the globe, Excelledia Digital Innovation is a leading business improvement and management consulting firm, which helps countless organisations to become more efficient, effective and financially profitable. Following their recent success in the Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we decided to take a closer look at the firm to discover more about Excelledia’s meteoric rise to success and the innovative solutions the team effortlessly provides. For more than a decade, Excelledia has been providing best practice business optimisation solutions to implement process, organisation and technology improvements for a vast range of businesses. Founded by CEO, Muhammed Farooque in 2010, Excelledia has offices located in UAE, Qatar, Netherlands, Kuwait, India and most recently the United Kingdom. Since its inception, the firm has continued to be successful as they rapidly expand within the industry. Starting their operations by providing consultancy services to businesses, this was just the beginning of Excelledia’s operations. Today, the firm have established wonderful relationships with their client base through the consultancy side of their business. However, the team noticed that their clients had a consistent battle with a management system solution to help them improve their business operations. Following numerous suggestions offered to their clients, businesses saw that there was no solutions which were the perfect fit. The management systems which were available on the market focused solely on separate operational factors, nor did they communicate clearly or frequently enough to help the business effectively.