Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

Slaven strongly believes that Springshare is only at the beginning of their endeavours, despite the company being 13 years old. With an already impressive clientele of almost seven thousand five hundred loyal customers all around the world, Springshare is on a clear mission to help the educators worldwide in their teaching and learning efforts. We have no doubt that we’ll be hearing about Springshare for many years to come. Their user-friendly and affordable tools, and their innovation and dedication to customers will see them grow and become the go-to vendor for libraries and institutions across the world. Best of luck to Slaven and the Springshare team! “The goal is to make Springshare into a go-to software vendor for libraries and educational institutions in every country around the world.” Ed-Tech Innovation in a Digital-First World Founded in 2007, Springshare is an innovative, cloud-based SaaS platform for libraries, universities, and K-12 schools. This year the company was recognised as the Best Educational SaaS Platform of the Year in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence programme. We spoke with Springshare’s founder & CEO, Mr Slaven Zivkovic, to find out more. The way we access and consume information has changed dramatically over the years, and libraries and educational institutions are under more pressure than ever before to embrace the digital era. The covid-19 pandemic has put a huge spotlight on the EdTech sector as these companies are aiming to transform the future of learning around the world. Working to create digital solutions for librarians and educators is Springshare, a leading provider of affordable SaaS software. Based in Miami, Florida, the company have quickly become an innovative leader in software along with the reputation of providing a remarkable service to its customers. By using the Springshare platform organizations can curate resources, share knowledge, and deepen engagement within their community. Since its inception, Springshare team has made it their mission to empower librarians and educators to leverage the internet to their full advantage. Today, Springshare is amongst the fastest growing library technology vendors in the world. The company’s success is a combination of award- winning software tools and the legendary customer service that Springshare provides to each and every customer. Every single employee at Springshare answers support queries including the CEO. “I spend several hours every week answering support enquiries and reaching out to customers to say hello” highlights Slaven. In doing this, Springshare is able to gain an in depth knowledge of their customers’ pain points and identify screens or features within the apps that need more attention. Constant contact with customers also helps build strong relationships for the long term. Over the years, Springshare has seen its fair share of challenges and market changes in the past decade or more. Having started the company just before the economic recession in 2008, libraries and educational institutions saw their budgets cut significantly. Despite these budget and economic challenges, Springshare powered on and in its early years was able to capture a significant slice of the edtech market for libraries. Springshare’s solutions are affordable and simple to use and this has certainly helped the company grow. More recently, Springshare’s biggest challenge has been in keeping up with the huge demand for their platform as prospective customers shut their doors and turned to online services as the coronavirus pandemic spread. To support libraries and campuses in reopening safely Springshare launched a new module to LibCal, an easy to use web platform designed to handle libraries calendaring needs. LibCal Seats module provided vital support for all public service departments in arranging seating and spacing capacity with a real-time occupancy dashboard to ensure they were adhering to social distancing guidelines, in addition to prioritising the health and safety of their staff and visitors. Looking ahead, Springshare team is keen to expand on the LibCal Seats module after interest for the educational teaching and learning online tools exploded. The company is working on additional functionality such as interactive mapping. In addition to all this, Springshare also launched a new tool named the Pickup Manager which allows their clients to safely communicate with their end users on the scheduling the pickup of library holds materials and itesm. This has been another exciting Springshare tool addition. Issue 12 2020 35 Company: Springshare Contact: Slaven Zivkovic Website: Sep20046