Corporate Vision Issue 1 2021

Winners’ Listings 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards Corporate Vision Magazine celebrates this month’s recipients in the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards, a programme designed to showcase the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. Controllit AG Best BCM Consulting & Services Provider 2021 - Germany HackerOne Most Innovative Hacker-Based Security Solutions Provider - 2021 Alejandra Guzman Leading Expert in Economic Development 2021 - Louisiana FERIMMO GmbH Best Specialty Vacation Real Estate Platform 2021 - Greece Decypher Technologies, Inc Best Managed IT & Security Services Provider 2021 - Colorado Allison Hartsoe - Ambition Data Most Outstanding Leader in Data Analytics 2021 - Oregon Comm100 Network Corporation Best Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions Provider 2021 - Canada Jordan Verroi - CapGenius Most Innovative Leader in Mobile Content Creation 2021 - New York Mike Ganino Best Professional Speaker & Communications Coach 2021 - California Liz Goodgold Most Outstanding Branding & Leadership Trainer 2021 - Nevada Retail Management Software Best Integrated Retail Marketing & Management Platform - 2021 Digital Guerrilla Consultancy Ltd UK’s Leading BIM & Digital Information Management Consultancy - 2021 Ben Nemtin Most Outstanding Motivational & Keynote Speaker 2021 - California Insured Nomads Best Emerging InsurTech Company - 2021 Optimum Chauffeur Drive Most Outstanding Chauffeur Service 2021 - Ireland Graham Linney - Ancile Insurance Group Limited Most Outstanding Travel Insurance Business Leader 2021 - UK Evan Nierman - Red Banyan Most Influential Leader in PR & Marketing 2021 - Washington DC