Issue 1 2022

Oct21558 Best Charity Sector Accountancy Firm - UK Charities have become a vital part of modern society – be it providing shelter and food, tackling climate change, or helping animals, they provide necessary services around the globe. Supporting these charities, Ansari & Co provides accounts and systems management services, so charities can get back to the important work. Indeed, since 2011 Ansari & Co has been leading its industry, offering an unbeatable service to both small and large charities. Established a little over a decade ago, Ansari & Co set out with the aim to provide charities with the quality of service and support only the largest charities can usually afford. Moreover, through helping charities take control of their administrative management processes, it frees up time for the organisations to concentrate on delivering the allimportant work that their donors are expecting. Ansari & Co works to optimise the internal structure of charities across the UK, this includes start-ups and extends as far as household names. From supervising new charities as they walk through the registration process, to bookkeeping, VAT and reporting, the firm hosts a variety of accounts and systems management services. This includes its bespoke consultancy service which engages with charities to either help them directly or find the relevant solution through its many trusted contacts. Furthermore, the success of each of its services is noted within the case studies presented on the Ansari & Co website – alongside an overview of the charity, the challenges, solutions, and results are listed in a clear and concise manner. The success of its services is further bolstered by the core values that power the company. Since 2011, Ansari & Co has been operating with its values firmly in mind, resulting in a transparent and high-quality service. Integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation determine the way that the firm works, and ensure professionalism within each sector. In addition, such values dictate how the company treats its clients. Indeed, Ansari & Co opts to take a client-centric approach, prioritising the needs of its clients above all else. Clients can expect to receive a tailored, attentive service that will supply innovative and, most importantly, effective solutions. Of course, the company is backed by a strong and dynamic team of industry experts, which certainly assists the company in maintaining its values. Led by Managing Director, Mohammad Ansari, the firm greatly benefits from his specialist industry knowledge and extensive experience. Boasting over 13 years of experience in the Charity Sector, Ansari specialises in Charity Accounts & Systems Advisory work, and in turn, has travelled to over 8 countries on Charity business to further the needs of clients. Previously working with prestigious charities, including Muslim Hands NGO, Human Appeal International, and Citizens Advice, Ansari has shaped his skills in financial audits, independent examinations, advisory work, management & budgetary processes, and systems analysis, amongst many other specific consultancy engagements. Contributing support and a multitude of specialist services, Ansari & Co’s partners play a valuable role within the firm. Ansari & Co is partnered with software providers, such as QuickBooks, which empowers clients to further develop their charities. For example, KAU Media Group, the winner of Google’s TOP PERFORMING AGENCY Award for 2017, is a digital marketing agency accredited with Google, Bing and Facebook. Ansari & Co guides its customers towards the company as KAU Media Group runs marketing campaigns on behalf of companies and charities. As a result, it drives traffic to the charity’s website and helps to boost their public profile. It is clear to see why Ansari & Co has been awarded the title of Best Charity Sector Accountancy Firm – UK. Unique in its nature, its personalised services set it apart from its industry cohort, and its focus on customer service is more than beneficial. Simply, there is nothing out there quite like Ansari & Co. Contact: Mohammad Ansari Company: Ansari & Co Web Address: