Issue 1 2022

Oct21733 Coaching Yourself to Success Executive coaching is a crucial tool that aids leaders improve in all aspects of management. Directing its clients through a comprehensive programme, Arema Limited has achieved exceptional success since its establishment and has been listed in the Coaching 100 as one of the best transformational executive coaches. On the back of this well-deserved recognition, we spoke to Arema to find out more. Arema aims to help integrate business professionals into their roles transitionally through coaching and training to maximize performance within the organization and the client itself. The company offers information to various clients ranging from small businesses to international leaders of high-profile companies. Arema is a company that offers tailored programs which aid its clients in personal and professional growth. Founded in 2003, Arema Limited is a privately held company established by MD and Executive Coach Andy Maggs, who has had many years of experience within his field, directing leaders of businesses to success through his coaching methods. Andy and his team at Arema are highly skilled professionals who have been trained through to a master’s level and are incredibly qualified to coach leaders into performing better through various flexible programs – whether that is through a 1 to 1 session, online or a combination of both. Andy explains, “For executive coaching, one of the unexpected benefits is that it works well virtually, and we can reach across the world, connect with ease and operate programs with dexterity. However, for our clients, one disadvantage of the ‘always on’ activity is a perceived lack of time for development space such as coaching. When the space of good coaching is created, clients thrive, and so do the organizations they serve.” Part of what makes Arema so successful is that it presents its core values within everything it does, creating an environment that is comforting, appealing, and welcoming to those who need their help. Its core values of integrity, growth, and challenges are a simple aim for the company that has provided itself with immense recognition globally renowned within the industry. Arema has been coaching leaders for nearly 20 years. Since then, the company has helped immeasurable amounts of people overcome challenges through transitional roles from management to director or performance anxieties that affect focus and mindset. All of which can be aided through expert conversation and training from its highly regarded and highly qualified team members. Moreover, since COVID-19 began, Arema has not only helped its traditional client base through transitioning roles and personal/ professional motivation but those who were mentally affected due to the lockdown, which has been deemed challenging at times for the business. Andy explains, “One of the key challenges we are witnessing is the sense of leadership overwhelm. After coming out of numerous lockdowns, leadership behaviours are returning to activity biased behaviours. Whilst the call to operate differently is loud, the reality is leaders and organizations are missing opportunity to transition and transform to operate differently.” Since pushing through the storm, Arema has worked hard aiding leaders throughout these issues and helping to change the idea of leadership within organizations. In addition, Arema encourages and builds resilience and new perspectives for its clients to help them overcome challenges faced within their businesses, mentoring them on the best way to utilize skills and improve performance based on the coaching methods provided. Continuing with their success, Arema has plans to expand its executive coaching services to team coaching to help leadership teams transition out of the pandemic so as to maximise their performance and sustain impact. The company is already helping many senior teams to be better and is looking forward to assisting senior leaders and teams to become even better than had they not worked with a coach; offering their knowledge and expertise in high performance will help individual, teams and companies as a whole, Additionally, offering also entrusts that an organization will thrive within a coaching rich internal culture – a gift that keeps on giving. Company Name: Arema Contact Name: Andy Maggs Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]