Issue 1 2024

Corporate Vision Personal Emergency Evaluation Plans have always been mandatory to meet compliance with the legal requirements of the Fire Safety Order – an order that demands all occupants are able to move away quickly and safely from immediate danger and evacuate the premises before any harm or danger to life can occur. With no exclusion to this rule, it’s mandatory that emergency planning takes into account disabled and vulnerable residents who must be able to evacuate to a place outside the building. All published guidance states that this must occur without assistance from the fire and rescue services. It is worth noting that the Government estimates that there are up to 288,200 residents requiring a PEEP in buildings covered by the Building Safety Act 2022. This figure does not include those with short term disabilities. The courses offered by Triple A Solutions are based on the practical delivery of evacuation solutions across diverse environments since 2009, and the delivery of Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) instructor-led training since 2012. All courses are highly interactive, delivered as micro-learning, and learners are provided with courses notes, appropriate worked examples, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificates on completion of each course. Triple A Solutions also offers an annual subscription, which provides unrestricted access to all existing and future PEEP associated courses, documents, and fillable form templates, with regular updates. Organisations requiring multiple learners can take advantage of additional benefits as part of the subscription, including the monitoring of training progress and the delivery of group training to participants in addition to access to the Resource Library. The PEEPS for Professionals course is a six-hour course in nine parts, which is accredited by the IFE. This course is aimed at responsible persons, principal accountable persons, accountable persons, and building managers, plus fire professionals and those responsible for advising board members and directors internally and externally. It also provides professionals with evidence of a knowledge of PEEPs, as required by the National Fire Sector Competency Framework. To assist organisations, the Strategic Planning course provides learners with an amendable PEEP framework for rolling-out PEEPs across an organisation. Organisations can use the framework in preparing the Safety Case Report required for each building covered by the Building Safety Act 2022, while the Practical PEEPs course provides learners with templates to enable the efficient preparation of PEEPs. The two-hour PEEPs and Neurodiversity course focuses on the development of effective emergency planning for the 15% of the population who are neurodiverse. Triple A Solutions training is aimed at organisations and professionals responsible for meeting compliance with the Building Safety Act 2022, Fire Safety Order 2005, Fire Safety Act 2021, and the Equality Act 2010 in relation to the emergency arrangements for vulnerable people. Proof of competency is key for both the Building Safety Act and the Fire Safety Order and providing evidence of compliance can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Our suite of training courses delivers 18 hours of comprehensive training based on 14 years of experience of delivery of Personal Emergency Evaluation Plans (PEEPs) with worked examples, an amendable PEEP rollout framework, and fillable form templates provided on completion of a course. Most Trusted PEEPs Training Provider 2023 - UK Two courses, focused on building safety legislation and regulations, are offered at no additional charge to learners who have undertaken the Foundation, Strategic Planning and Inclusive Fire Safety courses. These focus on the requirements of Building Safety Act, the Fire Safety Act 2021, and Fire Safety (England) regulations. Further courses provide knowledge of the implementation of inclusive fire safety of the built environment. Though some may have reservations about remote learning courses, Triple A Solutions interactive courses get learners involved. As one customer stated, “The platform and modules themselves were engaging, used different techniques throughout, such as videos, podcasts, and quizzes to help you stay on track. We enjoyed the training and having different levels for the strategic and operational aspects worked really well.” Email: [email protected] Company: Triple A Solutions Web Address: