Issue 10 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2019 13 , Using an innovative approach, eggXYt is developing a technology whichwill enable them to detect the gender if a chicken embryo as soon as it is laid, inside the egg and also before it is incubated. Following their recent success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were recognised as theMost Innovative AgriTech Firmof the Year – 2019, we profile eggXYt to as we looked to discover more about their game-changing solutions. Hatching Great Solutions Established in 2014, eggXYt are disrupt- ing both the chicken and egg industry in a couple of dynamic ways. The first is their technology will help them to not only save the lives of seven billion chicks globally every year, but also save the save the industry billions of dollars and adding seven billion eggs to the global supply. In today’s market, the current practice for hatcheries is culling the male layer chicks as soon as they hatch, since they do not lay eggs nor have a large quantity of meat. Another way in which they are able to help the industry, is by saving small chicks as well as big money. Automating the separation of both male and female eggs as soon as they are laid, results in the industry being able to cut the incubation costs in half. In addition to this, the costs of manual separation will also be eliminated. Currently, the Layer Chicken industry sends 14 billion fertile eggs to hatcheries every year, where they are incubated for three weeks and after they are hatched, manually identified as male or female. As a result, the male chicks, which are useless for both poultry and layer indus- tries, are immediately disposed of. This waste billions of dollars, is a massive financial and ethical challenge. This is where eggXYt steps in. The company’s CRISPR based proprietary technology is revo- lutionizing the chicken industry. By using a biomarker on the male chromosome of a chicken embryo, the sex of the chick can be detected once the egg is laid and more importantly, before the chick has even hatched. As a result of scanning the egg through the shell, eggXYt are able to save chicken hatcheries billions of dollars on incubation and manual sexing costs. The end result of the eggXYt’s solution is that billions of egg consumers from across the globe will be able to consume ethically sourced, male-chick culling free eggs. With the reduced produc- tion costs, it will secure the egg industry, which is one of the most important protein sources for lower-income populations. Ultimately, the award-winning firm’s extraordinary solutions will ensure that seven billion male chicks will not lose their lives every year. Company: eggXYt Web Address: Aug19413