Issue 10 2019

4 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2019 NEWS , Businesses will often face several challenges on their path to growth. From taking the wrong direction with a prod- uct or service, to sending out mixed marketing messages, adopting confusing strategies that don’t play to the right objectives or company strengths, to dealing with cash flow issues and managing complex teams; the list is endless and the scenarios vast. Yet interestingly, the biggest obstruction to business growth today is people. People can create barriers, people can stifle Gridlock: Are you Kerbing your Business Growth? growth but on the flipside, people also hold the key to unlocking busi- ness potential. For a business to succeed in its quest for growth, it must first remove the barriers that prevent it from developing a clear intent or purpose. Lack of intent is a big problem in business today and it’s very often a stumbling block to growth. So many leaders are quick to aim for the stars without first understanding their mission and secondly, ensur- By Kevin Watson, Managing Director at Amadeus ( )