Issue 10 2019

8 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 10 2019 , Need Leadership Coaching Experts? -Coaching Elite 2019- Leadership coaching is one of those areas of business that remains fundamentally crucial to the continuation – and continual development – of best practises. After all, regardless of the individual skill or accumulated expertise of an Executive member of the leadership team, there’s always room for improvement. Areas to address. Ways to be better, to develop, to innovate, to grow. This is whereMadeYou Ltd comes in. We spoke to the firm’s CEO, Luke Todd, to find out more. Comprised of three core pillars – MadeYou Grow, MadeYou Smile, MadeYou Think – MadeYou has swiftly forged an indelible reputation for, to put it simply, being good at what they do. Whether it’s delivering bespoke management training or delivering a comprehensive top-to-bottom approach to rein- vigorating intra-business culture, MadeYou understands what makes companies tick. It’s a quality that is crucial to the ongoing development of the global business landscape, feeding and driving the growth of a plethora of industries, markets and sectors. A tailored approach is key, as Luke explains in more detail. “For MadeYou Grow specifically, we’ve been working with Chief People Officers for a number of years developing tailored solutions. This can be from a programmatic approach with a blend of training and 1-2-1 coaching for talent development through to C-Level workshops to help them understand where they have operational and strategic gaps and areas of significant strength. We are retained by a number of companies to hold monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions with each of their C-Level mem- bers to help keep them focused.” Leadership coaching, after all, should be an ongoing element in a business – the search for continued excellence, not merely a ‘one and done’ affair. “We’re successful because our leadership team is made up of people who are passionate about making a difference for the clients we work with. Above all, we aim to deliver meaning- ful outcomes.” - Luke Todd Working with a varied client base comprised of telecommunication, igaming firms and SMEs, to name a few, MadeYou have established success by focusing on technolo- gy-driven, ambitious firms eager to capitalise on the unique ben- efits of coaching. “Generally, we work with fast paced businesses that are agile and looking for inspiration and structure to help them develop. Since we’ve been operating for 4 years, we’re in the fortunate position that word-of- mouth has lead us to the point that we’re approached.” Naturally, the future of MadeYou can be defined singularly by growth, development and expan- sion, as Luke takes a moment to discuss in his final comments. “Our focus for Q4 of 2019 and for 2020 is to develop our consul- tancy arm and work with more clients around 360 programmes, values and purpose. Alongside Sep19491 this, we’ve developed agile programmatic training and devel- opment programmes to support clients with capacity building and succession planning.” Name: Luke Todd, CEO Address: Central Business Centre, Gudja, Malta Telephone: +356 27035703