Issue 10 2021

Aug21120 Active Ingredients by a Proactive Innovator Sytheon, the ‘Most Outstanding Personal Care R&D Company’ for 2021, has become a jewel in the crown of active ingredient development. Serving consultants, contact manufacturers, and beauty brands, it reassures its clients that their end users will be receiving the best quality products that come with a pedigree of the best possible accreditation. Having been published one of its key products Sytenol® A (Bakuchiol) in the British Journal of Dermatology for its work and many other peer reviewed publications in dermatology journals, Sytheon’s efforts are leading the way in the creation of better, more effective skincare products. An innovative and research-based company working to develop high- performance active ingredients, Sytheon serves the personal care industry with ingenuity and tenacity. Its portfolio contains a width and breadth of active ingredients that is unrivalled in its sector, and its dedication to further development and betterment is unparalleled, taking inspiration from nature and building for excellent performance at every turn. Fundamentally, its work is empowered by scientific and clinical validation, with in-depth trials conducted with the most rigorous oversight before any of its ingredients leave the lab in order to provide its clients with the utmost peace of mind when seeking skincare improvement products. Improving the health and beauty of skin is what Sytheon is all about. This is made possible, first and foremost, by the principles that form its very foundations; Sytheon holds to values of safety, stability, differentiation, and performance. The core pillar of safety ensures that it keeps oversight in mind in its work, refusing to test on animals and working in close collaboration with toxicology experts, preparing exemplary dossiers under REACH registration and compliance standards. Additionally, its stability has been lauded by peers and clients alike. When it comes to standing out from the crowd – its value of differentiation – it accomplishes this by establishing a series of scientifically backed and clinical studies to give its work the accreditation it needs to be thorough, comprehensive, and reliable. The result of this has been comparison to existing gold standard and peer reviewed work, the likes of which many of its competitors cannot come close to; furthermore, its studies align with the texts in those journals, lending it further credibility for peers and clients. The performance aspect of its work speaks to how its client’s end users have consistently positive things to say. These products do, in essence, speak for themselves, and clients directly benefit from this by way of the good reviews and commendations that their products will receive because of only using the best ingredients in their work, serving beauty brands, contract manufacturers, and consultants alike. Receiving clients through UL connect inquiries, direct contact through its website, trade shows, webinars, and referrals from existing clients, Sytheon is dedicated to giving its industry a tour de force in what the best quality service looks like. No matter how big or small the problem, Sytheon will always go above and beyond to help a client resolve it. This is made possible through its exemplary and world-class team, each of whom are singularly qualified and incredibly experienced when it comes to their work, ready and waiting to help a client. Additionally, with the provision of formula guidelines, prototype formulas, and technical problem-solving advice, Sytheon takes all guesswork out of the process in order to allow clients to make truly informed decisions regarding the active ingredients they seek to purchase. Sytheon, has made this possible by building up a team based on outstanding standards of communication. Each employee at its core is the reason for its success, and each employee applies themselves with an incredible level of hard work and talent in order to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them, always keeping up a dialogue with the rest of the team. Therefore, the atmosphere at Sytheon is one of trust, camaraderie, and professionalism, where everyone knows what is expected of them and everyone is there to lend a hand to their fellow staff member should they need it. When recruiting, it is very important that a new staff member is able to fit in with this culture. Key attributes such as self-motivation, drive, enthusiasm, and team spirit are what it is drawn to in an applicant, as it’s easy to train skills – it’s harder to train attitude. It is due to this focus on maintaining an excellent internal atmosphere that it was able to stand tall during the course of the pandemic. Despite the challenges – which were myriad – Sytheon rallied together in order to withstand the difficulties faced by it and the worldwide corporate ecosystem as a whole, refocusing its strategies into virtual and online services, which grew over 50% in 2020. It thanks every single staff member for their hard work and perseverance during this time, excited to announce that it forecasts this growth period will continue to be on the rise throughout the rest of 2021. Moreover, it encountered an added benefit to remote work that it didn’t anticipate. The time spent away from office, and the lack of travel time for its employees, meant that much more was getting done than it