Issue 10 2021

Issue 10 2021 11 had been, and it has seen a spike in productivity as people are able to reach their workstations easier, faster, and with far less hassle. With its first product, Synovea® HR, clinically proven to the 2-4- fold more effective than Hydroquinone, it has made a splash in the marketplace that it is determined to continue long into the future. With many large companies using Synovea® HR in their products, and establishing a new gold standard, it has become synonymous with products that brighten and even out skin tone to great effect, growing in popularity by the day. Secondly, its Sytenol® A product has also become vastly popular, with a slowly increasing growth in use by its clients since it was introduced in 2010. Able to provide a product with less side effects, better stability, and clinical results comparative to retinol, it found itself and its products research being published in the British Journal of Dermatology for its excellence, a milestone that has helped it springboard forward to greater successes. With a move on the cards to a bigger, better facility in New Jersey, Sytheon is excited to see what the future holds, planning to move into the Asian market with a new office opening in Singapore in 2022, and even into the pharmaceutical market with its sister company Symbionyx. Contact: Ratan Chaudhuri Website: