Issue 10 2021

Aug21646 Wired For Success Neither cable or wiring have never stopped developing, and the leading manufacturers are always looking for new ways of achieving more efficient results. We take a look at Tri Wire Technology Co., Ltd., named Best Boutique Wire & Cable Design Consultancy – Asia in Corporate Vision’s Technology Innovator Awards 2021, to see how they are pushing the boundaries of what technology has to offer. No two cabling solutions are the same, with Tri Wire Technology being one of many manufacturers who are able to take the time to deliver a bespoke solution to their clients. What sets them apart is the sheer innovative mindset that has allowed them to thrive since their inception in 1999. As the markets have changed, so too as Tri Wire Technology, and this has allowed them to claim their position at the forefront of the industry. When it first opened its doors, Tri Wire Technology focused on consumer electronics products like USBs and HDMI cables, being the leading manufacturer and developer of the latter. While business was good, margins eroded over time and the team moved into new technologies. This has seen the team focus on providing design and manufacturing services coupled with flexible supply chain solutions to clients in specialised industries such as medical, automotive, military and aerospace. These are challenging clients who require the best in the business, and that’s what Tri Wire Technology always sets out to deliver. Having developed a customer base outside of consumer electronics, the team have been able to leverage their experience to assist clients in developing their products. While many in this sector only have knowledge of cables, the rounded nature of the Tri Wire Technology team means they can assist in the solving of product design problems easily. Most clients are assembly houses that serve Fortune 500 companies around the world. The challenges of working in this sector are numerous, and the Tri Wire Technology team work tirelessly to be as flexible as their products. Where other companies see impossible demands, they ensure they deliver every time. With the ability to go into a low-volume, high-variance mix of production as easily as a high-volume, low-mix production, they are in demand from a variety of different clients in a range of different industries. Because the company is relatively young, it can move more nimbly than its larger competitors. The nimble nature of Tri Wire Technology comes from the staff who make it happen, and they have embraced the change to a digital future. Many of the team have been with the company for over 10 years, and have successfully retrained to be proficient in the handling of new products, new equipment and new challenges, as the business move into the digital age. Unlike many organizations that settle on ways that get results in one way, Tri Wire Technology has stood apart because it is a learning organization. They are open to new ideas and new concepts, which is why they are continually finding new forms of success. The growth of Tri Wire Technology has been tempered slightly by the COVID-19 Pandemic, but this pause has simply enabled the rethink of the firm’s business strategies and allowed them to enhance their forward planning further. This will take the form of the construction of auxiliary factories in South East Asia and India allowing the team whole new regions to support. With such heady plans and such an adaptable team, it’s little wonder that the Tri Wire team has achieved so much. As the firm moves into a new era of digital technology, they are sure to thrive for many years still to come. Company: Tri Wire Technology Co., Ltd. Name: Dr Peter Pooh Email: [email protected] Web Address: