Issue 10 2021

Issue 10 2021 17 Best Maritime Training Provider – Tunisia Founded in 2001, Yassine Marine Services (YMS) is committed to providing professional training services focused on the maritime and oil and gas industries, developed in line with industry best practices. Yassine Marine Services is leading the way in safety and emergency response training for the maritime and oil and gas industries in Tunisia, North Africa and the Mediterranean region. It is equipped with world class, cutting-edge technology and equipment, surpassing all within the region for the provision of superior services. YMS has the ability to deliver anywhere globally, and to flexibly adapt to clients’ diverse demands. Its specialist knowledge and understanding of client needs comes from in-depth research and experience within the sector. All courses can be tailored to meet specific standards and requirements of clients, while also ensuring a safe and competent operating environment during training. It provides a vast array of training services which ensure clients receive only the most up-to-date, best quality training and services possible. The YMS team trains clients to comprehensively deal with all elements of emergencies that may arise at sea or in the offshore oil and gas industry. They are experts in writing and developing emergency response plans, and in training personnel in skills and competencies to respond to any emergency. YMS believes that the maritime and oil and gas industries, with history of disasters and tight HSE (health, safety and environment) regulations, requires more than just personnel. These personnel need to be highly trained and skilled in order to keep themselves and others safe. Clients have the benefit of YMS’ deep understanding of the sector and how to keep safe in their training. First aid and emergency medical training can also be provided by YMS to teach lifesaving skills which help personnel respond to medical emergencies. Topics covered by the training include CPR and basic life support, defibrillation and oxygen therapy, emergency care responder, and pre-hospital emergency care and paramedic/ambulance officer training. All training is provided using state-of-the-art practical facilities and equipment, classrooms, and trainee amenities to ensure a safe, world- class training experience. The include an indoor 3.5m deep training pool, HUET simulator, and all equipment and facilities to conduct marine and offshore oil and gas safety training courses; TEMPSC lifeboat and muster platform to simulate emergency muster and facility abandonment procedures; as well as live fire training facility for fire safety training. Indeed, YMS is playing a vital leading role in the safety of personnel within the maritime and oil and gas industries. Moving forwards, it intends to continue responding to the demands and needs of clients and providing only the best possible training. Company: Yassine Marine Services Contact: Don Sheens Email: [email protected] Website: Jun21135