Corporate Vision Issue 11 2018

14 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 , Learn Train Recruit is a hospitality recruitment & training business based in London. Following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Recruitment Elite, we profiled the firmand spoke to TimAndrews who provided us with a detailed insight into how the firm stay ahead of the game in such a dynamic industry. More Than Just A Recruitment Company Learn Train Recruit Ltd provide services to four star and five star hotels, events companies, caterers and venues around London. The firm also provide private services to HNWI and UHNWIs. In addition to this, they offer a range of comprehensive solutions whether its temporary agency staff for an event through to classroom, online and BLE training experiences. Going into further detail about Learn Train Recruit, Tim begins by explaining the firm’s mission, as well as what sets them apart from their competitors, marking them out as the best possible option for clients. “Here at Learn Train Recruit, our mission is to push hospitality forward as a go to career. Our intention is to help people from the very beginning of their career by training them, so that they have the appropriate skills before they start work, providing them with work and then as they develop and grow, continue to support them. This is done by upskilling them, finding them a new job or helping them hire their own team. This ethos runs throughout the entire business model of Learn Train Recruit. “Where we differ from our competitors, is that many hospitality recruiters deal with the demand ‘here and now’, what job needs filling now. We have a much longer term strategy and look at the overall picture. What demand will there be, how can we respond to those demands before they arrive. There have been many app based businesses launched recently, and many of our competitors are still relatively old school excel spreadsheets and pen and paper. We are somewhere in the middle of that. I see us more of a ‘hybrid’ model. We have an App which is being developed constantly, but we also retain the face to face element of the business, we are accountable. If something goes wrong, there is always someone to speak to.” As for the internal culture at Learn Train Recruit, Tim is keen to highlight the talented which forms the backbone of the successful recruitment & training, noting on how they attract the best individuals to the firm. “The internal culture of a firm is one that encourages development and success. We have recently implemented comprehensive induction and training programmes for all new staff, and are currently putting our current employees through it. Each one of our employees has a development for the next year and people are moving into new areas of the business. This ensures that we will have a company wide standard, with everyone knowing the service level required they need to deliver on. This, of course, is great news for our clients as they will have an improved and consistent service, regardless of who they speak to. “The kind of people which we look to hire must be motivated, can do people with a strong drive to succeed. They must also be team players. We are still a relatively small - but growing – business and so having the right employee is key.” When looking at the wider industry, Tim reflects on the changes the sector has seen over the years, as well as touching on some of the future projects that Learn to Train have lined up. “Throughout the years, I think there has been plenty of media coverage related to the shortage of staffing within Hospitality. Although London exists in a relative bubble, it too is suffering. For example, it was recently reported that only two out of three chef jobs in London are filled. In only a few years time, it is estimated that the UK industry will be 650,000 – one million people short. This problem has only been exacerbated by the Brexit vote. As a result of this, we are currently working on a pilot scheme PanOut London, which we intend to roll out to other boroughs, where we are actively 1809CV27 engaging school children, teachers and parents with Hospitality employers to teach them that Hospitality is a viable and rewarding career. The idea being that we can attract British people to the industry to address the shortage longer term. “For a more immediate response to the issue we have recently signed with a working visa partner that means we are able to bring in Australian, Canadian and New Zealand staff from abroad. Also, we are actively engaged with Employability projects where are working with unemployed people who live in London, to train and develop them so that they have all the essential skills and knowledge to start a new job in hospitality successfully.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Learn Train Recruit, Tim signs off by revealing the exciting