Corporate Vision Issue 11 2018

26 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 , Zen ExMachina is an agile transformation consulting company. Recently, we caught up with CEO, MatthewHodgsonwho provided us with an insight into the services that they provide to their clients. Digital Transformation - Your Vision, Our Experience Zen Ex Machina is an agile transforma- tion consulting com- pany, who support C-level executives to realise their vision for busi- ness agility. Specialising in the strategy, tactics, organisational design and the implementation of business agility, these areas which Zen Ex Machina specialise in encompass C-level coach- ing right through to coaching and training teams to be agile, whether in software of other lines of business. With two decades of experience in helping clients with agile trans- formation and business agility, Matthew begins by informing us of the qualities the firm possess which enables them to be at the top of their game. “Here at Zen Ex Machina, our success is embedded in using that experience, and using agile itself, to help executives introduce and implement agile iteratively throughout their organisations. Leading by ex- ample, collaborating closely with them and their management to understand the risks and issues, preparing them for the impacts of cultural change, and working side-by-side with them through execution, makes our firm and client engagements successful. Since we have very strong expe- rience in all aspects of the value chain, from customer experience through to product development (digital or otherwise), we are one of the few agile consultancies in Australia that can both advise and execute. “Throughout the years, Zen Ex Machina has served both Federal Government and the private sector, including eBay, Nestle, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), the Department of Indus- try and Innovation, Department of Human Services, ActewAGL, the Attorney Generals Department, Origin Energy, the Powerhouse Museum and the Department of Finance. We approach our engagements with our clients as a collaboration from strategy and planning right through to execution.” Helping the firm to achieve their mission, is the talented team which forms the backbone of Zen Ex Machina. Matthew is keen to highlight the role the team play in the success of the firm. “Our people are one of our key success factors. They have immense diversity in both their professional and cultural back- grounds and work as a team across all our clients to bring the benefit of that experience to all our engagements.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Matthew signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Zen Ex Machina, especially follow- ing their recent success as the Australia’s Most Outstanding Coaching & Consulting Compa- ny – 2018 in the CV Corporate Excellence Awards. “Moving forward, business agility, bringing empirical, evi- dence-based decision making frameworks to agile outside of software, is a big focus for us in 2019. Next year will also see us continue to support the Australi- Oct18127 an Taxation Office through rolling out agile across the Federal Government’s most significant programs - Tax Time - as well as doubling in size to serve south east Asia and commence agile consulting work in the United States. Most of all, we are really looking forward to the opportunity to bring a more open, collabora- tive and transparent approach to cultural change and business agility that this growth will bring to new clients.” Contact: Matthew Hodgson, CEO Website: