Corporate Vision Issue 11 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 7 , Mezzofy (Hong Kong) Limited is a privately-owned company with 100%of its shares owned by its fewkey senior executives. Recently, their CEO’s success in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 - Hong Kong. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm to discover more about the innovative services Mezzofy provides. Next Generation of Digital Coupons Established in 2014, Mezzofy’s corporate mission is to make the firm the world’s leading digital cou- pon solution provider. It currently employs approximately 20+ members of staff, most of whom are IT professionals, operating in locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India. It also hires several marketing and sales agents to cover these bas- es as well as Indonesia, China, and the US. Over the year, Mezzofy have assembled a strong leadership team to build Coupon Chain, a new blockchain-enabled software platform upon which the next generation of digital coupons will be created, distributed, and redeemed. Mezzofy itself will be one of the first Coupon Solution Provider to build applications on Coupon Chain. However, the in- tention is to make Coupon Chain open-source and to actively en- courage other Coupon Solution Providers to use this framework to build their own applications. Mezzofy has a unique role and strong presence in the coupon market. While it may appear on first inspection to have a lot of competitors, it transpires that most of them are just coupon-list- ing platforms for consumers rather than coupon-creation platforms for merchants. The firm takes another approach which is quite unique to it. It gives customers a free hand. It provides the platform and merchants provide the coupons. It does not censor the content of the coupons, as it believes there is no such need since it is in merchants’ own interest to create attractive coupons. Mezzofy recognises that it cannot revolutionise the coupon industry by acting in unison. Just as the internet derives its power from the vast multitude of contributors, Mezzofy’s strength lies in its abili- ty to attract other coupon solution providers to its platform. The Mezzofy Merchant App and the future Blockchain Coupon Plat- form actually borrow the power of all merchants to promote the use of digital coupons. Moving forward, Mezzofy are cur- rently working on their first Token Generation Event, issuing their first blockchain token for their future blockchain coupon plat- form. In addition to this, they are promoting their coupon platforms with various channels. Overall, the team at Mezzofy hope to be- come a listed company in Hong Kong, London or New York. Contact: Dicky Ying Company: Mezzofy Email: [email protected] General Number: +852 55408747 1810CV26