Issue 11 2020

The Future of Learning The way in which we learn is changing drastically. New providers are looking to new technologies to shape how we gather knowledge. The team at time4you GmbH specialise in this work and have developed their own formidable Learning Management System. Named as Best Full-Service Institutional eLearning Provider – Germany, the team were worthy winners in Corporate Vision’s Education and Training Awards 2020. We profile the firm to see how they’ve achieved such success. The world has changed dramatically in the last few months. Working from home has become the norm and the internet has become a vital tool for communication and learning. For the last few years, there has been a shift in this direction, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a change that could affect us all. The team at time4you GmbH have been ready for this change for years. Their team has spent years researching and developing their own software-based solutions for the challenges of e-learning, personnel development and training. Some companies have produced their own solutions during lockdown, but the time4you team have found a way forward that is already tested, functional and ready to scale. The services that time4you provides are invaluable across myriad industries and sectors. Time has proven that medium-sized and large companies across all industries as well as public institutions and educational institutes can all benefit from what the firm has to offer – in fact, many have already been benefitting for several years. Put simply, clients can design their own training processes and present them to those who need to be trained. As time goes on, these systems can be easily tweaked and optimized until they are perfect. This is achieved through a series of solutions based on the software IBT® SERVER and Jix. The solutions that time4you offers cover four main areas, each requiring their own unique approach. The team is able to provide a sophisticated learning platform, an individual e-learning and authoring tool, training administration and resource management as well as personnel development and talent management. The different approaches are split like this because no two clients require the same solution. To ensure that clients can get the learning platform that they need most, the time4you team has championed a modular, interoperable approach that embraces the benefits of standardization. This means that different steps can be pulled together in order to create the ideal system of learning. Many clients take a mix-and-match approach to modules in order to meet individual needs. Unlike some firms, the team don’t just sell a product to their clients. They sell a great deal of support and assistance in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Working alongside time4you gives clients a guarantee that installation whether on-premises, hosted on a network or part of the cloud, is a straightforward process. The software is flexible and user-friendly by nature, but the team are always determined to go the extra mile. Jun20279