Issue 11 2021

Sep21924 Most Influential Executive Leadership Coach 2021 - Colorado Executive coaching is standard and often an expected or needed perk of the position (executives, business owners, department heads, etc.) There aremany executive coaching firms available; however, most focus on task solutions. MNDFL LDR creates a different type of leader, and founder, Clifton Carmody, PCC, explains it all. MNDFL LDR is a four-year-old international boutique executive coaching firm specializing in developing conscious and mindful leaders and managers of businesses and other organizations. The firm works with clients to create a compelling vision of their professional and personal goals that benefits all stakeholders. MNDFL LDR aims to make the world a better place through sustainable business practices that work for all stakeholders. MNDFL LDR started with the belief that business could be better, better for everyone involved. But, unfortunately, the government cannot change the world as much as a business can, and the challenge is that most business leaders have not been trained in this way. Traditionally, business has been conducted in a win-lose manner; however, when you approach a business in a win-win manner, everyone can become an ally because all parties benefit from the relationship. Founder Clifton Carmody, PCC explains, “The culture at MNDFL LDR is one of optimism grounded in practicality. Yes, we believe and want everyone to live a happy, healthy life with a business that is a wonderful place to work, but it starts with the bottom line. There is no business without profits, and while profits are important, so are people. So it does not matter how much money you make if you are not happy.” Mindful leadership is authentic, collaborative, ethical leadership that nurtures the leader, organization, and customers. Business leaders using conscious business principles can be the most significant catalyst for positive change in any company’s culture. Of course, business is profits, but it’s also about people and increasingly about how businesses relate to their environment. The ICF-certified coaches at MNDFL LDR work with leaders to attain their professional goals more effectively while living a higher quality of life by showing up intentionally and purposefully. Clifton explains, “This is emotionally intelligent work done with leaders working from their hearts. For most leaders, this is a complete paradigm shift. This is a shift from transactional work to transformational work.” The leaders who have gone through coaching with MNDFL LDR are some of the most hard-working and self-sacrificing people. They come to MNDFL LDR to serve better whilst the firm works with people to point out that their own goals and the goals of their staff and their customers are the same. “At MNDFL LDR, we believe that the world and those people in it, through business, can live happier and healthier lives. And it’s not all pie in the sky! These are proven systems to gain more clarity around goals that serve everyone involved while giving the client a better quality of life,” states Clifton. However, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world - the single most significant catalyst to change every corner of the earth, creating challenges that have never been dealt with in our lifetimes. “Dealing with the challenges of operating a business in a complex and environment through Covid-19 to attempting operating in a post- pandemic environment has been stressful,” states Clifton, “Even the most successful leaders did not have all the answers, but the leaders who operated from their heart and who communicated with their staff often fared better.” MNDFL LDR works with leaders to develop a rapport with their staff to get the best answers to questions that they do not even know they will have. As a result, the firm’s executive coaching style is appreciated more than ever, and, fortunately, so many leaders trust to work with them. Moreover, MNDFL LDR is anxious to work with leaders that want more peace, purpose, and profit in their lives. Clifton states, “Driven leaders can change the world and their businesses for the better through mindful leadership skills and MNDFL LDR would love to be part of that solution. We are a small, boutique firm that does not believe in one size fits all and that specific approach is what is changing the world around us.” Company Name: MNDFL LDR Contact Name: Clifton Carmody, PCC Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]