Issue 11 2021

Issue 11 2021 15 Seek Social: UK’s Most Wanted Winners of the Corporate Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency 2021 – UK, Seek Social is a marketing agency with a difference. We hand over to Rich Snippets and Paula Braiden, who tell us more about the firm and its recent success. For the benefit of the tape the current time is 09:27, present in the room Detective Rich Snippets, and Paula Braiden – boss of the Seek Social crew, and ‘the UK’s Most Wanted’. Alright Paula, we know you’re up to something in Bury, Greater Manchester - tell us what it is! PB: I’m a legitimate businesswoman running a full-service digital marketing agency, detective. Our office is in Bury and I’m there all day - ask my team! Ah, ‘the team’… look at this list of known associates – there’s over twenty names here! PB: Yes, I have assembled a group of professionals – SEO and PPC experts, Data Scientists, Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Web, App and Software developers… I’ve got them all on my payroll... An organisation of that size needs a command structure – so let’s go Paula, I want details… PB: (Sighs)] Okay...We have 5 main departments – development, content, design, paid ads and sales - but within that structure, everyone’s individual role is quite fluid. Sorry to disappoint you detective, but we work as a team, and those at the top get our hands dirty just like everyone else... I want to know what the method is behind that… PB: It’s simple detective - I don’t want robots who can only do one thing, I want well-rounded, versatile and highly skilled professionals. What are these letters after each name - some sort of code? PB: (Laughs) Hardly...My team of professionals just happen to be some very clever people, who have earned qualifications both within the digital marketing world, and without – that’s what the letters represent. ‘Qualifications’? In your line of work? PB: …Would you let an unqualified ‘dentist’ near your mouth? I didn’t think so. Qualifications are necessary in any field of work detective, and digital marketing is no different. So, each development, PPC and SEO team member on my books is also certified in their field. Right. Enough of these associates – tell me… Why did you start this business of yours? PB: Why does anyone start any business? To help people succeed and to make money! My team is also motivated to help people succeed, because helping others succeed helps us succeed too – and who wouldn’t want that? And your clients, what do they get in return? PB: Our clients get whatever digital marketing services they may need to achieve their goals - and more besides. Exactly what those services are will vary from client to client, but my associates and I help them identify what their real goals and needs are, as well as how they might be achieved. ‘Helping people and making money’ - has this always been the end goal? PB: Absolutely! You see, the digital marketing industry shares certain qualities with the wild west – there’s some lawlessness, and opportunities for everyone to make a lot of money. There are also a lot of people out there who take advantage of others - and that doesn’t sit right with us at all. HA! The Wild West you say…. And I suppose you guys are the outlaws? PB: Far from it detective – I’m actually more like the sheriff - sworn to provide the very best in digital marketing services for a fair price, and to protect honest business owners from being taken for a ride. So you’re the sheriff, but you’re calling yourself ‘the UK’s Most Wanted’… PB: (Laughs)] Ironic, isn’t it? And what makes you think you deserve that title ? PB: With us clients can really see the value of the work they pay for, and get the results they want. We have helped businesses of all sizes market their services and grow,we provide actionable advice that people don’t have to pay for, and we genuinely want businesses to succeed. People and businesses from all over the UK (and the world) reach out to us every single day – so when we say that we are the UK’s Most Wanted Digital Marketing Agency, we speak the truth. Forgive me, your Most Wantedness, but just how do you do all that success stuff? PB: My associates and I firmly believe that the data-driven approach that we employ is one of the secrets to our success. It’s a tough world out there detective – and sometimes people and things tell lies. There’s one thing that always tells the truth, however - and that’s data. Get to the point, I don’t have all day – what’s the importance of this data-driven approach?? PB: Well detective, since data doesn’t lie, my associates and I have learned to trust it implicitly, and act according to what our data and analytics tells us. So when we tackle a task for a client, we know we’re dealing with the reality of a situation. I’m sure COVID-19 threw quite the spanner in the works for you… PB: COVID did indeed bring a change. Seek Social had to work harder, and our team grew to accommodate increased demand for digital marketing, since lockdown exposed many vulnerabilities in more ‘traditional’ marketing methods. Lockdown opened people’s eyes to the value of the services that I and my associates offer – to the possibilities that digital marketing, social media marketing, engagement and so on can unlock for their business. Alright Paula, I know you’ve got big plans for 2021/2022 and I want to know what they are… PB: Do we have anything special in the works? definitely! We plan to continue to meet the demands of our clients – and that means looking out for amazing talent to join our team. We also have some flexible services to roll-out at the start of 2022 to help companies focus on their business growth.