Issue 11 2021

Issue 11 2021 17 Sep21080 From Dreams to Reality Getting to market isn’t always about the finished product – it’s about creating a vision that can be shared with others. The team at Web Logics have made it their mission to help their clients make their dreams come to life. Named the Most Innovative Web Development Agency 2021 – London in Corporate Vision’s Media Innovator Awards 2021, we thought it’s time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their accomplishments. Beginning a business is never easy. With limited funds and resources, it’s essential to make the right decisions to get return of investment as quickly as possible. No matter how well-thought-out the idea, how researched the business model or how unique the concept, the challenge is never to create a product, but to present a vision to others. It’s not easy to create something from scratch, and sharing the vision of what that could be is a challenge too. Having a carefully designed website can not just get ideas in front of people around the world, but generate a sense of excitement about the idea. This excitement is what appeals to new investors, who want to know that there is a market for a product. As such, a concept website is the ideal option for those who want to wow before they can go to the market. Web Logics focus on this specific field of media management, and pride themselves on being able to save their clients a great deal of time and money as a result. Instead of diving straight in, the team provide a platform where your ideas can be stress-tested before investments are made. This approach is considerably more agile and suits a marketplace that is constantly changing. The process of creating a website with Web Logics is incredibly simple. The team works closely with proven methods to ensure that the final results fit your unique needs while satisfying your every desire. Needless to say, the process starts with a client telling the team about their dream and finding ways to visually tell their story. From this information, designs can be produced and tweaks made until all is perfect. Before your website is presented to the world, you have the opportunity to test your idea, and ensure that the vision is ready for the future. What sets the Web Logics team apart is their ability to grow with their clients. As investors and customers buy into a clearly defined vision, developed between you and the team, it’s possible to extend, expand and scale up as necessary with ease. With a vision that has been carefully nurtured and a platform that is solid and robust in equal measure, it’s little wonder that so many of the projects that the team are involved in are so highly regarded within the industry. All too often, our dreams are forced to wait until the time is right. Those who work with Web Logics recognise that if you want the time to be right, you have to make it right for yourself. Web Logic’s contribution to the industry has allowed many to open doors that they had never considered possible. This is what sets this company apart and makes it a successful enterprise. Company: Web Logics Name: Simon Jeffrey Hurst Email: [email protected]