Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

10 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 , Float Digital is amulti-award-winning boutique Google Ads & SEO agency based in Cornwall. In early September, Float Digital was recognised by Corporate VisionMagazine’s 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards programme with the ‘Rising Star Award for SearchMarketing’ in South England. On the back of this, we spoke with SamCharles, Float Digital’s Director, to find out more about their important work at the forefront of the marketing industry. A Multi-Award-Winning Search Marketing Agency Offering Transparent and Cost-Effective Digital Solutions Marketing best practices have been drastically rede- fined over the last decade, with digital marketing now the definitive go-to for any business looking to make their mark on this new information-driven world. The time-honoured newspaper advert has been replaced with search engine placement, and visibility is crucial to those that want to make sure that they are reaching the people that matter the most to their business. In the wake of this vast paradigm shift the mar- ket has become crowded with firms promising swift results and impressive return on investment. It’s an industry that is only going to grow as we rely evermore on the digital landscape to con- nect, grow, and engage with the world’s leading brands. As a result, Float Digital has aimed, from the outset, to approach Search Marketing differently than their competitors and peers, advocating for a seamless, no fuss strategy that delivers results swiftly, as Sam explains further. “We partner with the world’s most exciting brands to improve their visibility and drive organic traffic via increased search engine rankings. We execute jargon-free Search Marketing strategies that work, getting client to page 1 of Google with minimal fuss. The results? Sales that sky-rocket, greater brand awareness, and increased visibility over competitors, as well as maximised conversion, every time.” Boasting over one hundred clients in their portfolio, Float Digital’s refreshing approach appears, by all regards, to be working. Their record of success speaks as testament to the effectiveness of their expertise and strategy. Sam continues, detailing how Float Digital truly distinguishes themselves in an incredibly com- petitive arena. Namely, through transparency, cost, and in-house experience. “Instead, we communicated the issues on the website in plain English and provide simple solutions. In our experience, sup- porting our clients to understand the process helps us to quickly turnaround our projects, yielding positive results sooner.” “We deliver a global agency service at a fraction of city prices, because we can. Our offices are five minutes away from the beach in the gorgeous county of Cornwall. Our unique rural locations means we don’t have to inflate our fees to compensate for an overpriced city postcode, costly client lunches, and other city expenses. We schedule regular Skype calls and make occasional trips up to London to visit our prospective and existing clients. Working this ways allows us to apply our global agency ex- perience at a fraction of the price in comparison to our competitors based in London.” Sam was quick to emphasise that being the cheapest on the market was not the firm’s unique selling point, but rather a small part of their greater appeal. “More than anything, Search Marketing is our speciality – we don’t offer web design, we’re not social media marketers, and running newsletter campaigns isn’t our jam. We’re so busy doing what we love to the highest standard, that we don’t offer these other services. In line with this ethos, we don’t subcontract- 1810CV07 ed to low-quality freelancers abroad. The client is paying for industry experts to look after their Search Marketing, and that’s what they’ll get.” The firm’s mission moves beyond simply providing best in class Search Marketing services to their clientele, with a dedication to supporting the local econo- my. “Ultimately, we also want to create jobs in Cornwall with a larger salary. The average salary in Cornwall is a modest £14,000 a year. We aim to provide higher salaries to residents of Cornwall and close the pay gap between the countryside and London. We currently pay our consultants above the regional and national average. We’ve achieved this by securing clients in the city but executing the work in Cornwall.” “Further, a key part of Float Digital’s culture is in maintain- ing a good work-life balance to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage creativity. Life’s too short to spend all day in front of a screen when it’s sunny outside. We offer flexible working hours so that our consultants can get out in the sun and get their daily