Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 , Ignitec Ltd are a product design, technology consultancy and R&D lab, creating the next generation of products that make a difference to people’s lives. We caught up with CEO, BenMazur who provided us with a detailed insight into how the firm stays ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry. Creating World Firsts Since 2013 Established in 2013, Ignitec Ltd operates in two distinct spaces: product develop- ment and scientific research and development. In product development, the firm focus on what is relevant now – the Internet of Things, gaming hardware, headsets, wearables. The R&D team focuses on the future – what we’ll be using down the line – and intangible things like intellectual property, pro- cesses and how technology will look in years to come. The team at Ignitec Ltd use science-lead design, technology and engineer- ing to figure out where society is going and what it’ll need when it gets there. There are three things that drive the team at Ignitec: first, they want the products and technology they develop to win awards and gain industry recognition, both for their clients and for them. They want to create world firsts and break records with the innovative ideas and concepts from their R&D lab and in the products coming out of the design studio. And, thirdly, more personally, they want to do good things with the skills, re- sources and expertise they have, whether that means supporting charities they care about or invest- ing time in research that they can share across industries. With this is mind, Ben begins by explaining the steps the team at Ignitec takes when undertaking a new project. “First, we take our time to un- derstand the problem, a process we consider vital if we’re going to deliver exactly what the client wants. Once we’ve defined the client’s success criteria at the be- ginning of the project, we make a considered start, using our strong automated internal processes and tight project management. “We are regularly audited by BSI and have ISO9001:2015 accred- itation, proving we have strict processes locked down and are continually improving how we work. If things don’t quite go to plan, we have robust mechanisms in place to ensure we stay on track. “In addition to this, we have con- siderable development resources and facilities in our lab and work- shop in Bristol, and that amount of tech allows us to move from concept to design to prototype quickly. Since we do not have to ship designs abroad for prototyp- ing, we can fail often and succeed sooner, which makes for expedi- ent development for clients.” When discussing the internal culture at Ignitec, Ben is keen to highlight how the team are able to keep the firm ahead of emerg- ing developments with their wealth of experience, knowledge and creativity of working within the industry. “There is no ego at Ignitec. While we all have our own specialism – whether that’s design, firmware, software or mechanical engi- neering – we all have a working knowledge of each other’s spe- cialisms, too, so everyone can do a bit of everything when we need to. We’re a friendly, open-minded team with a penchant for taking risks, so we can exhaust all opportunities available to get to 1809CV32 the end product. We’re happy to challenge each other and the cli- ent to ensure they get the perfect result. Also, we are meticulous, conscientious and diligent, and we’re remarkably proactive.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Ben reveals the exciting plans which lie ahead for Corpo- rate Vision’s Ones to Watch in Industrial Design. “More awards and breaking of records remain at the heart of our plans for the future. With investment in more staff, we’ll ex- pand and grow into new sectors as we open new offices in key global locations. However, we’ll stay true to our goal of creating ground-breaking technology and products that drive changes with a positive impact – whether through the products we help our clients realise or through the foundation of a charity or concern that makes life better for others, using the equipment, resources and exper- tise we have in our team. “The future is about adaption and maintaining our curiosity in every element of our design thinking. Our job is to stay ahead of the game and keep our clients moving forward, too. By keeping a lively, vibrant mindset, we can solve problems, create innovative products and continue to stay cu- rious – and encourage our clients to do the same.”