Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

44 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 , Mortimer Spinks offer an array of solution-based services; from technology recruitment to tailored business solutions, representing their clients and earning their trust through positive experience. We caught up with Director, Robin Beattie, who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the award-winning firm. Passion for Tech What do you do? At Mortimer Spinks, we are entering our 30th year of sourcing and placing tech and digital talent for tech led organi- sations in the UK. We believe our success is based on our under- standing; not only of cutting-edge technologies and client needs, but also the people behind the tech and their aspirations. Our ability to innovate and provide solutions to business challenges is what truly makes us different. What does the company spe- cialise in? We specialise in the Tech, Digital and Creative recruitment markets. We made the conscious decision to become true experts in these three strands. We cover the entire Software Development lifecycle. From Junior Software Developers to Architects, Infrastructure to De- vOps, Blockchain and AI, CDOs to CTOs, as well as all the entire suite of Creative roles. More often than not, we know the people our clients are looking for; our years of experience and personal networks mean that we can dive into our community and find the perfect people instantly. The breadth of our community also allows us to reach the hard- to-find / niche-skilled candidates, which commonly confounds our competitors. What makes your firm suc- cessful? Our people. Everyone that works here is enthusiastic about technology and really passion- ate about the clients they work with. Many clients have been with us for over 10 years – if you ask them why they continue to partner with us they cite; our true understanding of their business, the strength of our relationship with candidate communities and our ability to swiftly solve their recruitment needs. Also, our sector knowledge spans over 30 years in the industry, giving us a distinct advantage over our competitors. What kind of clients we serve We work with organisations that are true digital disruptors in their sector, as well as larger organisations undergoing major digital transformations. Essential- ly, we serve businesses where technology is at the core of what they do. Our approach We offer a premium and seam- less experience that is refreshing for our clients and candidates alike. As true technology special- ists, we have developed and fine- tuned a process that is perfect for the market we operate in. Our friendly, focused and expert consultants work across all technology and digital verticals, engaging with their communities daily. Each consultant has iden- tified and established their own vertical, becoming a true expert in their technology field. We pride ourselves on fostering an envi- ronment that gives candidates real confidence when going for a new role, which is why our consultants dedicate their time to getting to know their candidates and clients. After all, it’s about matching the expectations of both client and candidate. We also hire for a growth mind- set, ensuring there is an align- ment of vision for all parties. We couldn’t do this effectively if we didn’t know the people involved and what they want. Therefore, we want to get to know the peo- ple we work with. Adding value outside of the transactional ‘source and place’ is part of who we are - providing industry advice, journey man- agement, events/meetups and workshops, employer branding and onboarding services etc. We are passionate about increasing diversity in tech. We launched the website this year and continue to hold monthly events and annual conferences to keep this incredi- bly important conversation going. What role do your staff play? Our staff are everything – they’re the reason we are successful. We don’t have a product – we have our people. It’s their expertise, market knowledge and passion to find good people for the compa- nies they recruit for that makes us not only successful, but also who we are. We have incredible talent here and I am proud of the hard work, passion and determination to deliver that each person in this business demonstrates. Every single one of us is entrepreneuri- al; what I love more than anything is the constant innovation that happens here every day. Nov18209 Any plans for 2019 and beyond? The main ambition for Spinks is always to solve the big issues our partners are facing. That’s why 2019, we believe, may be our best year to date. We are launching a new solution that could be very conducive to helping our clients tackle the real shortage of talent in technology: The Spinks on Site (SoS) solu- tion blends all the good elements of having your own internal recruiter with the reach, expertise and resource of a recruitment agency. When a tech company is growing, they typically use the traditional contingent agency recruitment route or grow their internal talent teams. However, to attract the best tech talent available, you need to have reach, credibility and ac- cess to a multitude of channels. Consider; job boards, LinkedIn, recruitment technology, advertis- ing costs, time to source, select and interview, not to mention salary and bonuses attributed to an internal talent team. This is not the most cost effective or time efficient way to scale your tech team. The SoS solution has been creat- ed for when clients need to scale their tech team(s) quickly, without compromising on quality of talent and without impacting the candidate experience. Likewise, this solution also enhances the employer brand in a thriving and competitive tech talent market.