Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 65 , Offering a unique simulation experience, as well as being a global registered education provider and part of the Project Management Institute, PMaspire is an innovative company helping project aspirants learn project management through practical project case studies and hands-on exercises. Having recognised the firmas part of our CV Corporate Excellence Awards, we profiled it to learnmore and explore the secrets behind its success. Most Influential CEO – Training & Software ABDULLA, PMP, PMI-ACP CVMagazine Corporate Excellence Award 2018 PMaspire e-Learning & Training Software to improve 2x Performance Nov18055 Since its inception in 2015, PMaspire has established itself as being one of the fast- est growing solutions provider for e-learning, exam simulation platform e.g. PMP Exam Simulator, PMI-ACP exam simulator, Agile PMO setup, PMO Consultancy, Agile Project Management and PM Resourc- ing services. PMaspire’s multi-lin- gual enterprise e-Learning and Exam Simulation platform is used by users in 100 countries through seven (07) international languag- es to learn project management. Over the years, the company has achieved an impressive 500% growth due to its innovative simulation solution. Embracing a learning culture, the company works alongside its clients to ensure that their staff absorb new information through its simulation and are able to truly enhance their knowledge. With its global headquarters in Singapore, a North American hub in Canada and software development centre in Bangla- desh, PMaspire has expanded its horizons to 75 countries through more than 350 authorized solutions providers and partners. Supporting clients including businesses, regulators and inde- pendent trainers, PMaspire offers a range of solutions tailored to meet their needs, which include using their revolutionary simula- tion solution. Seeking to enhance its already impressive success, looking ahead PMaspire has a very ag- gressive expansion plan for the 2019 – 2020 period. As part of this, the firm will be expanding its partner horizon from 350 to 1000 and growing its user base from 100 k to 500 k in 200 countries. Alongside this, the firm will be working on two visionary pro- jects, the first of which is called Eduaspire ( ), which is an e-learning platform for regulatory compliance. The second product is called PM-Par- adigm, which will be a Project Manager’s simulation platform based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, designed to teach the global standard of project management. Ultimately, these projects and its ambitious expansion plan will allow PMaspire to flourish over the coming years and grow to become a leader in the global ed- ucation and training landscape. Company: PMaspire Singapore Pte. Ltd. Address: 02-01, 68 Circular Road, #02-01, Singapore, 049422, Singapore Website: