Corporate Vision Issue 12 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2018 71 , Mr Abdel WahabMoustafa, Managing Partner of MBO Egypt, is determined to continue to build upon the strong reputation created by his forefathers almost 70 years ago. Strong Foundations Egypt, a country with a population of more than 90 million, has become one of the fastest growing mar- kets for IP due to the attention it attracts from foreign investors. In this context, intellectual property has become one of the focal issues in Egypt and the estab- lishment and enforcement of a legal system in this field is of par- amount importance. The recent introduction of Egyptian Law on Intellectual Property marks a new milestone in the development of IP protection in the country and contributes to its great success. Maddock & Bright IP Law Office (MBO) is a unique law firm. Ranked amongst the most professional and long established law firms in Egypt, it was founded nearly 70 years ago and special- ises in the protection of intellec- tual and industrial property rights in Egypt, Middle East and North Africa. The firm fills a market gap in the MENA region by cleverly combining services in the field of intellectual property law and market entry support. Abdel Wahab Moustafa is Man- aging Partner of MBO in Egypt. Due to his wide area of knowl- edge with regards to using differ- ent legal weapons Mr Moustafa has built up the credibility and reputation of the firm, as well as managing the development of MBO, which consists of more than 120 IP attorneys, agents and lawyers. MBO’s history is one of a fam- ily-run entity that has evolved over the decades to reflect the new generations moving up to take it over. The firm was initially founded by Mr Moustafa’s grandfather, Mohamed Bakir, in 1949. The Mohamed Bakir Office, the forerunner to MBO as it is today, evolved to become the Mona Bakir Office in 1982 under the guidance of Mr Moustafa’s belov- ed mother, Mona Bakir, who con- tinued to render services for the interests of clients and reached the international community securing a renowned status. Mr Moustafa joined the Mona Bakir Office in 2006 and, in 2009, the further evolved to become the Mona Bakir & Son Office. Owing to his full experience in IP matters and in the litigation field, Mr Moustafa led the Mona Bakir & Son Office into a new partner- ship resulting in a capital raise under the new name of Maddock & Bright IP Law Office. This new firm combines the existing exper- tise and clientele base of Mona Bakir with new management and expansion tactics to bring to the legal field a wider range of integrated legal solutions, plus a greater regional footprint. Known for its creative approach, Mr Moustafa and his team take pride in being an inherited IP firm that provides personal attention to each and every client – wheth- er it is a Fortune 500 company or a sole trader. Each client is unique and great care is taken care to study the specific busi- ness environment to understand specific areas of concern and the competitive environment. This approach enables MBO to provide all its clients with 1809CV19 appropriate legal solutions. Client satisfaction is the paramount objective and Mr Moustafa is constantly evolving both himself and the business to deliver the best service possible. MBO is a team of dedicated and committed professionals, who strive to represent their clients in the most resourceful, practical and cost effective manner. The team at MBO is committed to providing world class services whilst being approachable and by keeping its business, monetary, legal and personal concerns upper-most. By the year 2020, Mr Moustafa sees MBO as the leader in IP law in the Middle East and North Region and he endeavours to be recognised by clients for the high quality work the firm produces. Contact: Abdel Wahab Moustafa Company: MBO Address: Zamalek, 11211, Cairo Telephone: +202 2735 2592 Web Address: