Issue 12 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 12 2019 13 macro analysis survey in place, which is updated regularly and discussed in managerial review meetings, Al Hurea can keep abreast of various developments and work out how best to respond to them. This includes PESTEL, Five Force, SWOT and Value Chain analysis, which are inputs to its strategic drive and planning for both close-mid and long-term goals and objectives along with its Marketing Mix adjustments. Alongside their security services, Al Hurea also offer its clients ‘Impact’, which gives up-to-date security information and analysis of the ever-changing situation, using local knowledge that necessarily isn’t easily available. These briefings are available on a daily and weekly basis and allow companies to get a detailed perspective on the security threat. It’s a method in which Al Hurea uses the information it gathers to provide further value to its clients. The success of Al Hurea Security Services comes down to its dedication to improvement and to quality. Their obsession with maintaining the highest of standards means that their clients can be assured of absolute safety and security of its personnel and assets. Contact: Scott Ramsay: Website: Telephone: 009647837802526 Supported By Experience