Issue 12 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 41 Oct19107 All companies are founded with one thing, be it a service or product, that they do with excellence. However, every company also has to do tasks that take time away from those core services. Answering the need for a legal services outsourcing company is Afiens Legal SLP, situated in the heart of Madrid. Focused on taking care of most legal processes that any company might require, discover how this superior Spanish firm has become one of the country’s best for legal services outsourcing. Outstanding Outsourcing or most legal firms, their specialties lie in being able to work with clients in putting together a compelling case for the courtroom. Rarely do legal firms enjoy being swamped with administrative tasks. That is where Afiens comes in, offering its services as a legal services outsourcing company. Determined to help clients work more efficiently, the team take on the more time- consuming tasks that do not hold great value. That way, the clients can expend their energies and focus their concentration on projects and tasks that require a higher level of knowledge and expertise. Having now standardised and automated its services, the firm has since grown to become one of the most digitalised companies in Spain’s legal sector. Regardless of size, Afiens works with any client that has legal processes which do not add specialised value. With a portfolio of clients including BPO companies, in-house legal departments, and law firms, the company are able to take care of all kinds of legal and paralegal tasks. Clients can leave the laborious legal tasks to the team at Afiens, whilst they focus in on profitable and professional tasks that set them apart from their competition. Having been in business for more than six years, Afiens has slowly but surely begun to change the face of the Spanish legal landscape. Determined to offer firms a better way of focusing on their core services, founding partner Lorena Salamanca Cuevas has implemented changes that have served Spain’s legal firms in the best way possible. Understanding that the legal industry must support new and innovative ways of doing things in order to satisfy client needs and expectations, Lorena has cultivated a relationship of perseverance and trust between the firm and its clients. The empathy, closeness and transparency with clients that Afiens offers make up the firm’s core values, implementing them throughout its daily activities. When taking on the most time-consuming tasks that a legal firm can face, maintaining focus is key. Prior to any work beginning, the team listen and understand exactly what clients need, never losing sight of that throughout the process. Achieving that level of attention to detail and understanding between client and firm requires an outstanding team of staff, which Lorena has built over the years. Each team member offers a solid international profile, distinguished academic study, exceptional legal skills, and proven experience in main practice areas. Being a client-oriented firm and having a skilled team of staff ensures that every Afiens client receives the best possible solution to their specific needs. Continuing to become an integral part of more and more industries all over the world, technology remains a core focus for Afiens. The F legal industry will soon have little choice but to adapt to technology, and lawyers are having to develop technical skills in order to remain relevant. The team at Afiens are currently well-immersed in the digitalisation of the legal industry, increasing the efficiency, productivity and flexibility that legal outsourcing firms can offer. Whilst technology is becoming more widespread across the legal industry, the team are constantly aspiring to implement more technology into daily life without dehumanising the profession. Ultimately, the services on offer at Afiens are nothing short of truly exceptional. Being a part of every client team, the firm enable companies to get back to what they are best at. Rather than spend precious manhours doing time-consuming and non-core tasks that do not add value, legal firms across Spain can entrust their work to this outstanding outsourcing firm. Company: Afiens Legal SLP Contact: Lorena Salamanca Cuevas Website: “Rather than spend precious manhours doing time-consuming and non-core tasks that do not add value, legal firms across Spain can entrust their work to this outstanding outsourcing firm.”

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