Issue 12 2020

“The pandemic being a tailwind, the companies are fast-tracking their plans to migrate from their traditional data centers. The scalability, quality, and resilience of solutions they are looking for have also progressively transformed for good. We tick all the boxes and have experienced dramatic growth over the past four-to-five months. We provide them with a compelling solution that couples both enterprises and employees using a robust digital channel. Our end-to-end solution includes a high-performance desktop with centralized management called UnitedDaaS, with all their enterprise applications built-in so that the enterprise data remains secure,” said Saurabh. With regards to the future, UnitedLayer sees new trends emerging, such as increasingly strong demand for Edge Computing, and is therefore deploying many new Edge solutions. One is an Edge Data Center, which can deploy the firm’s G3 private cloud as a customized point-of- presence for a customer at any location preferred by them. Another trend is customers wanting to modernize their data centers constantly and require either a move away from their old legacy data centers into a whole new software-defined data center, a move into a private cloud or public cloud infrastructure, or a combination of all these three options. However, UnitedLayer is already on the case and has a solution called UnityOneCloud. “Our solution UnityOneCloud assesses their old data center, automatically maps it into the target footprint, and provides them with DevOps, automation, high scalability, and remote management capabilities,” Saurabh explains. “The whole data center modernization and migration is another area with many opportunities and where we have our focus spot-on with increasing demand from our customers.” Contact: Saurabh Bisht Web Address: Leading Lights Headquartered in San Francisco, California, UnitedLayer is one of the world’s leading end-to-end colocation service providers. The company, which was established in 2001, has 13 data centers and offers its colocation services from three data center facilities in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. UnitedLayer delivers highly redundant robust data center infrastructure with extreme connectivity, comprehensive security and compliance, on- demand private cloud scalability, a full suite of managed services, strong remote data center management, and multicloud capabilities. The company hosts enterprise customers across multiple industry verticals and partners with its clients to help them achieve their real-world business objectives. The firm is an enterprise-grade Data Center and a Software-Defined Multicloud Data Center Platform company, delivering high-performance, secure, highly available, and scalable data center solutions in a hybrid and multicloud environment. UnitedLayer confidently serves SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies with the data centers, managed services, hosted private cloud IaaS, and hybrid cloud management solutions with almost two decades of experience. Security and compliance are of the utmost importance in the data services industry. UnitedLayer’s San Francisco Tier 3+ data center provides colocation services from one of the largest and most connected data centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The facility has 24x7 security, CCTV monitoring, SOC I and SOC II compliance, and is LEED Gold certified in green building strategies to support long term sustainability. “It is at the epicenter of the most technologically advanced companies in the world,” explains Head of Product Marketing at UnitedLayer, Saurabh Bisht. Likewise, the company’s two other data centers are also equally well- equipped, with the Las Vegas site being in one of the best disaster recovery locations in the United States. It is within 50 miles of 11 data centers in Nevada and has extreme connectivity to over 270 carriers. Los Angeles Tier 3 is the most connected data center in Southern California. Within 50 miles of 87 data centers in Southern California, it has over 240 networks, nearly 110 cloud and IT service providers that enable multiple high-performance solutions along with scalability options. UnitedLayer values meritocracy, transparency, dedication, innovation, and ambition. Most of its products, such as G3 Private cloud, UnitedConnect, UnitedColocation, and UnityOneCloud, are testimony to its constant innovation in CDC (cloud data center) space. However, this is not the only thing that sets the company aside from its competitors, as Saurabh explains: “We owe our success to our leadership, which creates a real-world hybrid cloud vision for us, our talented employees who execute that vision, and our constant focus on innovation to bring in required agility in the execution. Recognizing the industry’s path, executing the vision for our company, and building a team to deliver solutions that solve the real-world hybrid cloud challenges for our customers are some of the areas where our staff plays a key role in the success of our firm.” One of the biggest industry challenges that all the organizations across the world are facing right now is undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic. However, one of the many things that the pandemic has taught organizations is how reliant we all are on technology, be it about enabling a remote working environment or serving clients through the digital medium. Companies such as UnitedLayer have benefitted from this. Nov20114