Issue 12 2020

Victory for VMS Manufacturer Nutraceuticals are a relatively new area different from medicine and pharmaceuticals that have risen to the forefront, as people are craving products that are nature-friendly and highly beneficial for their own wellbeing. Today, we examine the world of Natrol ® as the winner of this years’ title of Most Outstanding Nutraceutical Manufacturing Firm 2020 – California. Join us as we take a closer look to find out more about the company and what it has to offer. Natrol ® creates quality and innovative products that deliver positive health outcomes to help enhance people’s quality of life. Born from a passion to improve human wellness, Natrol has evolved over a number of decades into one of the most recognized brands in the world of vitamins, minerals, and supplements and is considered a pioneer in formulating vitamins with clinically researched ingredients so consumers understand they are getting safe and effective products that provide the benefits they claim to. Today, Natrol is the number one brand of melatonin and the number one brand of 5-HTP, in addition to being a leader within five vital human health areas - those being Sleep, Brain Health, Mood & Stress, Immunity and Beauty. Brands that fall under the larger Natrol, LLC umbrella include Laci Le Beau, a line of herbal teas for weight control, and Shen Min and NuHair, which includes hair rejuvenation products. Founded four decades ago as a cosmetic company by Elliott Barber, Natrol was originally a firm that marketed nutritionally-based weight loss products, which is why the name of the firm is an amalgamation of the words ‘natural’ and ‘control’. The company quickly evolved over the years into one of the leading VMS brands in the nutraceuticals industry. Natrol is wholly dedicated to quality assurance and delivering safe, effective, and trustworthy products that meet expectations every time. The firm formulates its vitamins with clinically-researched ingredients so that consumers can feel the difference ™ when taking safe and effective products that have great benefits. Three key components make up the founding mission of Natrol - Quality, Innovation and Agility. In terms of quality, Natrol is NSF-certified (National Sanitation Foundation), GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices), USP-certified (United States Pharmacopeia), and an FDA- accredited facility. The second component of the Natrol mission is innovation, and the firm focuses heavily on consumer-led innovation across its five key areas as a business. Finally, the third pillar is agility, implementing a structure that enables the company to be nimble across departments to foster collaboration and respond to real-time consumer wants and needs. This enables the firm to act quickly and work closely with distributors and retail partners in order to deliver exceptional products and consumer services. As an innovator, Natrol prides itself on being able to consistently push the frontiers of research when it comes to developing vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Natrol is always trying to improve their customers’ quality of life, which in part is guided by the brand’s quality assurance program, which is extensive and industry-leading. It performs rigorous quality checks throughout the process, from exhaustive supplier qualification screening, to sourcing the very best and most natural ingredients. Natrol has a complex customer base, ranging from those with a health-conscious mind who have heavily researched the ingredients and quality of vitamins, to those looking for a trusted brand to provide health and wellness supplements for their benefit. Natrol’s products appeal to consumers of all life stages, from parents getting through their incredibly hectic days, to retired baby boomers looking to maintain their longevity of a life well lived. Because the company caters to many different clients and consumers, it is constantly innovating its products to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Natrol works alongside notable experts, healthcare professionals and Scientific Advisory Board members who can directly speak to and engage with audiences through their growing social platform. Its staff is another key component of the success that Natrol has earned over the course of the company’s lifetime. At Natrol, people make things happen, either with colleagues being responsible for producing high-quality products, identifying cost-effective solutions or improving processes to provide top quality products. To support them, Natrol’s leaders actively foster a working environment that is based on integrity, respect, and responsibility. The firm welcomes and embraces creative and motivated talent to join a culture of innovation and inclusion, whereby it values its employees and provides them with the tools and environment to harness and cultivate change. Above all, Natrol actively encourages teamwork. quality, fostering a healthy working environment, equitable action, active participation, respect, responsibility, and communication across teams and the company as a whole. Looking to the future, Natrol’s CEO Andy Houlberg has carefully considered and crafted a five-year plan that puts the company on pace to double its business. It has the essential building blocks and annual steps to reach its long-term goals, and those annual steps include further improving the quality of the brand’s range of products. There are more than one hundred different formulas from Natrol present in markets around the world, and the firm will remain true to its mission and endeavour to continue improving those formulas. The firm is also committed to adding new products into the marketplace, and some are Sep20544