Issue 12 2020

Sep20425 Excellence in N-gineering N-and Group is a start-up that is headquartered in Bristol, nominated a leading UK Tech Hub in 2019, and revolutionising human and machine interaction on a global scale. Specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of touchscreens, human machine interfaces and software platforms, the aspirational organisation is on a mission to be a leading innovator that uses technology to have a positive and transformative impact on the world. After only five years of operation, N-and Group is already well on their way to achieving this mission. Based in Bristol, N-and Group is an award-winning company specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of touchscreens, human machine interfaces and software platforms designed to revolutionize the way human-machine interaction works. Providing services to a broad spectrum of industries, from signage to retail to industrial sites, N-and Group is on a mission to be seen as a leading innovator in the creation of unique experiences based around human-machine interaction. By exploiting the power and capabilities of technology, N-and Group is contributing to a positive transformation of the world we live in to become sustainable, technologically advanced and prosperous. Since 2015, the firm has scouted, adapted and developed new technologies to create products and services designed to disrupt the way humanity interacts with machines, in a way that empowers business. Collaborating with clients, the firm has supported them through technology upgrades or implementation journeys, whether they be a large corporation or mid-size enterprises. With operations and trade sites in Italy, China and Hong Kong, as well as partner networks across Europe, Asia and America, N-and Group has successfully curated close relationships on a global scale that enable productive collaborations with clients and shareholders, to transform markets with innovative, versatile solutions tailored to suit each project. The recent implementation of the company’s ERP system allows N-and Group to easily adapt their service offerings to each client, whilst maintaining the same standards of quality, consistency and performance that are in adherence with the principles of Lean Manufacturing. This is a concept with integrates continuous improvement thinking into the very core of their business, adding value to the customers through quality improvement, lead time reduction and maximised productivity. In addition, it assists in the techniques used to document, analyse and improve efficiencies, which in turn reduce waste, making N-and Group’s practices even more transparent and sustainable. It is through principles such as these that N-and Group is able to stay ahead of its competitors and open new opportunities in the fast-evolving climates we exist in, yet their values are traditional and integral to the culture of the organisation. From the foundations of continued learning, diversity, open mindedness, N-and Group adds fairness, trust and respect, to create an environment that fosters innovation and introduces new perspectives for problem solving and creativity. This culminates in a market-leading organisation of innovators who each contribute to the positive impact their life-enhancing technology is having. Being built in a hybrid structure is perhaps N-Group’s greatest strength, distinguishing them from competitors. As a start-up, operations are kept lean and agile to respond efficiently to a fast pace changing environment and to create dynamism even in fairly static markets. The dynamic nature of the organisation and the rest of their core values are embodied in the team that built N-and Group, who come from different cultural and professional backgrounds and bring with them their skills and knowledge but also the passions and interests that forge their identity. The amalgamation of these identities and insights creates diversity in the perspectives brought to the table to create solutions that, whilst uniquely tailored to each client, are universally beneficial. Together, the N-and Group team has built an environment that is inclusive, flexible, fair, trustful, engaging and most importantly, devoted to people, clients and colleagues alike. Every member is committed to always exceeding expectations and determined to strive towards continuous improvement and success. In five years, N-and Group has developed the grit and resilience required to address rapid changes in the market and overcome any obstacles on the way. For many businesses, the greatest adversity that they have faced is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and N-and Group have likewise been required to adapt to the ‘new normal’. For the existing product portfolio, the firm is currently focusing on the transition to new touchless technologies for screens, allowing markets and industries to comply with the new Covid-19 health and safety regulations. N-and Group products have been extremely smart and compatible with voice controls, contactless payments and telemetry for the automatic measurement and transmission of data at a distance through fast connectivity, since before the pandemic, but this technology is now taking off like never before. Whilst the world and its economies were already making the move towards increasing digitalisation and tech, it is a process that has been exponentially accelerated in recent months. This acceleration of this process has enlightened people and businesses to the capabilities that technology can empower them with, starting with increasing responsiveness and maintaining a competitive edge. However, at the same time there is a growing digital divide for businesses, as many do not have the same investment capabilities as the largest corporations. With their entrepreneurial mindset always focused on how they can best guide their clients to success, N-and Group is working closely with businesses to understand the challenges they’re facing and provide them with innovative and affordable technology.