Issue 12 2020

Jul20237 Exceed is a team that is growing together to be the best it can be for the students in its care and has successfully opened its third centre in Toronto, to welcome even more children to explore the world of STEM. However, the greatest development is virtual, with the landscape of education becoming increasingly digital in recent months. Exceed is making the most of the improvements in education software and is currently in the process of testing it to enhance the company’s own platforms. As a result, Exceed is expanding its online classes with new simulation programs and the imminent launch of their Artificial Intelligence courses delivered via virtual platforms. This is a hugely exciting development for Exceed, as it is facilitating one of the organisation’s principal missions: to make STEM education more fun and more accessible for children of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to virtual platforms, children from all over the world can learn with Exceed and begin their journey to become the scientists of the future. Contact: Reza Emami Company: Exceed Robotics Inc Web Address: Exceeding Expectations Established in 2014 by a team of mechanical, computer and software engineers, Exceed Robotics is on a mission to get children excited about robotics and programming from an early age. Giving children the freedom to learn the way they want to and creating a fun, engaging and inspiring environment for them to do so, Exceed is creating more opportunities for children to explore the world of STEM and shaping the next generation of scientists. Located in three sites across Canada, Exceed Robotics is a place in which children can discover the wonderful world of STEM. Providing the ultimate education experience, Exceed has created refined STEM programs for students of all ages to advance technical knowledge, develop creative and analytical skills and spark innovation, in a fun hands-on learning environment. In every class, children are given the chance to learn in the way that suits them best, about the things that they are passionate about. The Exceed team has carefully curated a variety of programs for children to get involved in, from robotics to game programming to web development. Whether it be through designing, coding, building, connecting or assembling, children are encouraged to explore different ways of making things work, learning and troubleshooting independently to promote curiosity which in turn facilitates productive learning. The team behind Exceed are a group of mechanical, computer and software engineers, who set up the organisation to spark curiosity in children from an early age. Developing their curriculum in-house, Exceed knows that teaching is only the initial springboard and to learn effectively, children must take the reigns on their own learning. Therefore, most lessons begin with a question or an idea, after which point the children are given the freedom to figure out how they can get to an answer, either on their own or as a team. The results of this type of learning are clear, with many of the students who learn with Exceed growing a remarkable amount within only a few years. The greatest reward for the Exceed team is seeing the children they inspired and guided go to university, knowing what they want to do and equipped to make the most of that experience. Alongside their competitors, Exceed can proudly say that they are helping to shape the next generation of bright minds. Having been created by a team of engineers, it is unsurprising that Exceed’s focus is in STEM and Robotics. However, their industry backgrounds have also shown the team how vital technology has become and will continue to be for the coming generations. Each at the top of their respective fields and working with some of the strongest minds in technology, the team behind Exceed know where the gaps are in current industry knowledge and where improvements in education need to be made to improve the standard of scientific knowledge. Whilst many competitors have attempted to set up detached courses, with no real goal in mind, Exceed have created a program with a long- term aim. By educating students on the basics of engineering now, covering design, stimulation, prototypes and test iterations, they are beginning the children on a long, sustainable journey of development that will equip them to enter a technologically advanced future. Recently, Exceed also introduced coding of artificial intelligence, such as face and voice detection, and believes itself to be the only school to be teaching children about AI at such a young age. Being a specialised school has given Exceed the opportunity to help its children excel in the field of STEM, even better than they could do in underqualified public schools or expensive private schools. Instead, Exceed also introduced coding of artificial intelligence, such as face and voice detection, and believes itself to be the only school to be teaching children about AI at such a young age.