Issue 12 2020

Oct20442 Issue 12 2020 35 The Only Choice for Clinical Data Compliance MyData-TRUST is a company that specialises in data protection and exclusively dedicated to the clinical sector. As CV’s ‘Leading Experts in Data Protection & Compliance in Belgium’, we spoke with MyData’s Mathilde Faure and Xavier Gobert to find out more about the company’s ethos and work. With the launch of GDPR two years ago, data protection became a serious consideration for businesses all over the world, regardless of size or industry. Of course, companies have been pace setting in the data protection sphere for decades prior, establishing best practices and innovating for those who needed to ensure their data was secure. Saying that, since its inception almost four years ago, MyData-TRUST has swiftly distinguished itself through its unrivalled expertise to challenge the long-standing goliaths of the industry. From just two employees in 2017 to over 35 in 2020, MyData-TRUST has established a reputation on the back of a core ethos defined by delivering achievable solutions informed by regulation and compliance to its clients. Perhaps more important is the fact that MyData-TRUST works exclusively in the life sciences sector, where compliance is essential to continued operation, as Mathilde explains in more detail. “MyData-TRUST provides strategic, operational, and organizational support, making an important contribution both legally and technically to the data protection implementation’s success. MyData-TRUST always aims to give its clients the keys to reach full compliance with data protection regulations and ensure the data’s protection.” “We guarantee full compliance with GDPR requirements to help enable streamlined workflows, better control on the activities of the subcontractors and easy access to do international business” - Xavier Gobert, Executive Director at MyData-TRUST This primary mission is fundamentally driven by the team at myData- TRUST, who as Mathilde goes on to comment, are crucial in finding these solutions for clients. “We believe wholeheartedly that the secret of a successful company is to know how to surround yourself with a team that “carries” a solution. A pragmatic solution. That’s our credo. To achieve this, MyData-TRUST has managed to marry opposites: lawyers, who are sometimes too theoretical, with project managers – comprised of scientists – who are often too practical. “Lawyers and scientists must work together to develop a solution that can be used directly by clients, i.e. patients and the companies that generate the personal data. And this is not easy because in the field of clinical research, there are still a lot of grey areas in the application of GDPR.” This last point is really where the largest challenges lie for MyData- TRUST going forwards. As GDPR continues to mature, and regulation continues to adapt to contemporary (and ever-evolving) needs, companies working within data protection need to be agile and dynamic. Swift to change and swift to enact change for their clients. What was once compliant can become outdated. Yet, with a mind towards MyData-TRUST’s team, that feels a background threat. Not serious. For Mathilde, the biggest challenge of 2020 has been, understandably, in marketing and recruitment: “Actually, one of the biggest challenges we faced these past few months was regarding recruitment. We need the team to grow but the profile that we are searching for is not common. We need people who have experience in the Life Science sector and with a nurtured interest in data protection. Potential applicants need to be ready to leave their comfort zone and work in a new and challenging environment.” Ultimately, MyData-TRUST’s future looks strong indeed. With over 180 clients – and growing – the company looks towards expanding into new markets and areas. First up, is the production of an e-learning tool to capitalise on the extensive knowledge housed by the internal team. It’s a smart move, all things considered, in a world that seems eager to throw curveballs for even the most seasoned of firms. Here, Xavier concludes with insight into this new project. “After 3 years in the RGPD field and with more than 300 projects worldwide to its credit, MyData-TRUST wanted to centralize its knowledge and expertise in this e-learning tool. The trainings have been created to meet the needs of the greatest number of people and will allow anyone to acquire a comprehensive knowledge base in data protection while learning at their own pace. There’s a lot of confusion still in what is compliant and what is not. We want to help clear the air regarding all of that – and we have the team in place to do so!” “Data protection is not a constraint. It is a way to bring in more security to the patient’s data, and consequently attain patient centricity” - Xavier MyData-TRUST Contact: Mathilde Faure Address: Mons, Belgium Website: Telephone: +32 493 96 29 16