Issue 12 2020

Issue 12 2020 39 The Legal Expert for Corporate Clients Specialising in white collar crime, FEHN Legal has become a leading light on Germany’s legal landscape. As the firm’s sole practitioner, Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn’s expertise has proven to be a key distinguisher, made even more impressive by the legal sector’s pursuit for perfection. Following his success in the 2020 Corporate Excellence programme as the Leading Criminal Law Expert in Germany, we spoke to Karsten to find out more about his experiences and achievements. FEHN Legal has positioned itself as one of the leading entities in the German legal sphere, specialising in white collar crime, internal investigations, and compliance. Like all those who excel in legal pursuits, FEHN Legal – and Karsten Fehn – has been driven by peerless expertise and a dedication to serving clients to the best of its (and his) considerable ability. Because, ultimately, Karsten’s success has been secured on the back of a simple premise: a need to best serve his clients. Here, he explains this core ethos in more detail: “All clients are offered a personal client within the firm who will be on hand regardless of any issues or challenges that may arise. We make sure that all our clients have the best possible expert on hand – and with that in mind, FEHN Legal will bring in specialised lawyers if external expertise is needed. Regardless, the main point of contact remains the sole touchstone within the business for the client. “Moreover, we aim to serve every client quickly, and in this, we try to find a solution within 48 hours, with contact always made within 24 hours.” Aug20058 “We try to find solutions which – not only concern the theory of law – but which are practical from both a personal and business point of view. Further, we make considerable efforts to maintain transparency at all stages, and especially with regards to cost.” - Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn It’s this last point that has served as a robust foundation for the firm over the years. By serving corporate clients, it is important to consider the impact and results on the company itself, all while keeping a natural focus around established legal framework. Here, Karsten’s experience and knowledge base further serves to distinguish the firm from any potential competitors. After all, criminal law encompasses a vast network of various fields, and in one way or another, Karsten has handled cases that have involved all of them. Putting it simply, Karsten has a precedence for success in all areas of criminal law, though has thrived in white collar and compliance. Indeed, there are few that can claim the history that FEHN Legal has on the German legal landscape and for that reason it was recognised in the Corporate Excellence programme. FEHN Legal Contact: Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Fehn Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 14-16, 50672 Cologne, Germany Website: Telephone: +492212225227-0