Issue 12 2020

Oct20414 to the crucial core competencies of modern brand development, offering a veritable smörgåsbord of options for clients looking to revitalise their image. “We offer a range of options for clients, from integrated branding, graphic design and creative writing to social media management, web development, design, SEO services and branded video production and animation. Our mission is to help our clients expand their reach, elevate their position and enhance connection and engagement at every stage of their customer journey.” It would almost seem an understatement to say that new – and, indeed, old – companies can be utterly lost when it comes to the most effective ways to enhance brand engagement, especially as their peers would have the same tools at their disposal. The internet is, in many ways, the great equalizer: where everyone can reach the people they need to reach. NueWay Studios understands this and use innovation and creativity to give its clients an edge on the market. After all, the same challenges apply for the studio itself, and its own methodology has worked wonders in distinguishing its offerings from its own competitors. Here, Charday takes a moment to describe the company’s process in more detail: “Two fundamental principles distinguish NueWay from other creative agencies and drive our effectiveness: our ability to solve problems by our indirect and innovative approach, which is done by viewing the issue in a ‘Nue’ and unusual light. “We believe innovation happens at the highest level of creativity. As a certified WBENC and WOSB, we are intentional about incorporating a diversity of thought to identify and execute imaginative solutions for our clients. From discovery through delivery, using targeted visual content, and persuasive branded messaging, we have a personal investment in making sure our client’s brands are memorable and impactful.” Its important to emphasise that NueWay Studios sees itself, more than anything, as an ally to its clients. The studio’s brand is one of partnerships and guidance, moving hand in hand with clients as they discover the path to growth and success. Charday knows the importance of client-centricity in the market the studio operates in, and it is this ethos that has served to drive NueWay’s own success over the years. With all of this in mind, it seemed an obvious choice to recognise the studio in this year’s programme for its dedication to excellence in all that it does. NueWay Studios Contact: Charday Oldacre Address: 1201 Peachtree St NE, Bldg. 400 Ste. 300, Atlanta, GA 30361, United States Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 470-300-0644 Outstanding Client Centricity in Brand Development NueWay Studios is an award-winning, woman-owned digital marketing, video production, graphic design and brand development agency, recognized as one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in the State of Georgia. This year, the company was recognised as Georgia’s Best Small Brand Development Agency in CV’s 2020 Corporate Excellence programme. We spoke with CEO Charday Oldacre to find out more. Brand is key, at least that’s what businesses today are realising. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you cannot effectively market it and yourself. In industries positively fit to burst with creativity and innovation, a brand is crucial tool in a company’s arsenal, and those that wield it best are sure to find success faster than those that choose to ignore it. In this new digital world we find ourselves in, it helps to have an expert hand to guide the way through the murk and mist, to aid you in all aspects of brand development. This is where NueWay Studios comes in, and where it has harnessed a peerless reputation to the betterment of its clients. When it comes to branding, NueWay Studios is difficult to beat. As CEO Charday Oldacre explains, the studio’s expertise expands “We have a customer-centric company culture. As the CEO it’s my job to serve my internal employees (my staff) and then my external customer. I try to create a culture where everyone feels as though their voice matters and that they add value to the organization.” - Charday Oldacre, CEO