Issue 12 2020

Oct20295 At TIAA, performance and purpose go hand in hand. It is in their charter and part of who they are. It aligns how the team, businesses and brands work together, creating lifelong financial security and confidence for those the firm serves. Which is why, when they win, they win. TIAA’s enterprise business strategy is driven, as always, by the needs of their clients. Since the company’s founding, the team have continually innovated and evolved to ensure that they remain strong for their clients in a rapidly changing environment and increasingly competitive marketplace. The team at TIAA are valued deeply, but they are also aware that the firm’s success rests on their commitment to the work. As such, TIAA is continually working to develop a culture where they can thrive and grow. The firm places a high priority on inclusion and diversity, knowing that a diverse workforce results in better productivity because employees feel valued and contribute at their maximum. During these unprecedented times, the firm have been committed to a healthy environment, enabling most employees to work safely from home and providing the flexibility for employees to balance work and family needs. Recent flexibility initiatives include encouraging everyone to block one – two hours of “focus time” each day for quiet time, personal needs or uninterrupted work and enhancing their childcare assistance benefits during the pandemic. For more than a decade, TIAA has been on a digital transformation journey. Technology is instrumental to TIAA’s ability to service customers, and so the teams have a fanatical focus on driving forth a high tech and high touch strategy. As the team plan ahead to what the future, TIAA will continue its award-winning work to become a leading digital company. However, the firm’s plans for the future does not end there. TIAA is also working to provide educational enrichment and enhance financial literacy programs through both tutoring and mentoring students, and delivering educational materials to students and teachers. The volunteer activities include creating flashcards for students, donating to school supply drives, and encouraging associates and senior leaders to use their own skills to help non-profits solve organizational challenges. In addition to this, associates will also be able to earn grant dollars on behalf of non- profits for volunteering in their communities and neighborhoods. One of the other key factors of this program is that the volunteer opportunities are also being done virtually in light of the current pandemic. This is just a snapshot of what lies ahead for the team at TIAA, as there list of future plans includes their “Race Against Racism” initiative and the “Be the Change” program to name but a few. For now, the team at TIAA will continue to prove to the industry that they are the most innovative leaders in Fintech development today and deliver a service to their clients which not only meets their requirements, but also exceeds their expectations. Contact: Lauren Post Company: TIAA Web Address: Tasneem Hajara, Head of Digital Distribution and Mobile Technology, TIAA received the Most Innovative Leader in Fintech Development 2020 - New York Based in New York, TIAA are leaders in helping people achieve guaranteed lifetime income in retirement through annuity products. Aside from pensions, annuities are the only retirement products that can provide income for life. We profiled the firm to find out more about the services they provide and how they established a reputation for being one of the most innovative leaders in Fintech development in the industry today. Since their inception in 1928, TIAA has been devoted to helping institutions and individuals pursue positive outcomes through an array of global, diversified financial services and a long-term investment perspective. It is this level of commitment which enables the firm to stand out amongst other firms in their field. Whilst the firm has grown tremendously and are now established top money managers, their core mission has remained the same for an impressive 100 years. Created to serve and built to perform, TIAA’s mission has been to help their clients to reach their financial goals. Today, the team hold everything that they do their guiding principles, and are united by a shared vision to care for individuals, act with integrity and deliver excellence. In today’s industry, the firm have a significant opportunity to uphold their mission and meet the growing financial needs of their clients as they take the next steps in their journey. Over the next few years, they must bring together the building blocks they have assembled to operate more efficiently and effectively as one team, to serve their clients in new and better ways, and to help their clients achieve financial wellness, to and through retirement.