Issue 12 2021

Oct21191 Extended Detection and Response Against Advanced Threats Having been accredited as ‘2021’s Leading Unified Threat Detection & Response Platform’ for the USA, Fidelis Cybersecurity is a dynamic and innovative company leading the emerging segment of extended detection and response (XDR). The Fidelis platform enables its clients to respond proactively to advanced threats including cybercrime and nation state espionage. By combining deception networks with detections from endpoints, networks, and the cloud in its Active XDR platform, Fidelis Cybersecurity helps you fool adversaries into spending time and cost on fake assets while alerting defenders of their presence. Fidelis Cybersecurity is dedicated to helping the world become more resilient with each new client deployment. The company has made itself a front-runner in the modern world’s cybersecurity field. When it was founded in 2002, Fidelis cut its teeth on detecting attacks within organizations all over the world. With deception, detection, and response capabilities integrated in single platform, Fidelis Cybersecurity is an innovator in its field working to ensure full visibility, early detection, and fast risk assessment and response across hybrid on-prem and cloud environments. This is particularly relevant today as public and private organizations alike face existential threats including ransomware from cybercrime groups who are extorting them for access to their own information and systems and threatening to release their private information publicly if a hefty ransom is not paid. Fidelis Cybersecurity combines rich asset discovery, multi-faceted threat context, and risk management to reduce the number of avenues available to cyber criminals for attack and infiltration, and to secure the safety of the organisation’s present and future. Fidelis platforms improve security team efficacy and efficiency by automating risk identification, threat detection, investigation, and response. The company continuously innovates to enable safe digital transformation with market-leading and compliant cyber security solutions that provide full visibility and control over adversarial moves on the network from endpoints to cloud. Long ahead of the latest trends in cybersecurity, Fidelis Cybersecurity established itself as a trusted platforms for security analysts, operators, and incident responders worldwide. They know Fidelis platforms will help detect and stop threats before they impact business operations. While this recognition is based in the USA, Fidelis has established a reputation for stellar technology including machine learning and AI on the global stage. The company enjoys partnership with government agencies, commercial clients, and enterprise level businesses worldwide. Part of the reason it has accrued as much attention as it has is due to the unique integration of deception technology with detection and response, spanning endpoints, networks, and the clouds to form an integrated active XDR platform. This platform enables customers to take an active stance against cyber criminals so when they do get past perimeter defenses, Fidelis will help quickly detect and stop these threats in their tracks. This ‘proactive cyber defence’ approach is tailorable to a client’s needs and can be applied either as a comprehensive service or deployed as an open platform that leverages integrations with a client’s existing security tools and environment. Therefore, Fidelis Cybersecurity can fit itself seamlessly around any of its client’s existing systems. In addition, Fidelis Cybersecurity acquired CloudPassage in May of 2021. Another step in its continuous evolution, adding a pioneering cloud security and compliance platform underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring that it keeps up with the changing and dynamic industry it finds itself in. That way, its customers can more effectively neutralize advanced threats and cybercrime and develop alongside the progress of the wider cyber security industry. In short, the integration of this entity’s software and innovations has allowed Fidelis Cybersecurity to further enhance the operations of its XDR platform as businesses migrate more to the Cloud. Crucially, whilst such innovations and moves are good, they also present challenges to cyber security to which this company and its peers have been elegantly rising. Fidelis Cybersecurity ensures customers can deploy security to match their enterprise environment, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid systems, without losing the effectiveness or speed. Through its work, Fidelis is dedicated to the continuous push towards better and more effective cybersecurity services. It also is important to note that Fidelis Cybersecurity is committed to ensuring that nothing gets lost along the way. In short, it knows that much of the good will it has cultivated in its industry is due to the quality of its platform and the impressive detection and deep inspection capabilities it provides, and so it strives to keep these as high fidelity as ever and working well alongside industry changes. Moreover, being a collaborative and purpose driven organisation, much of its strength has come from its staff. Fidelis Cybersecurity employs some of the brightest and dedicated minds in their fields. It prides itself on a team that is goal oriented, objectively optimistic, determined, tireless, productive, empathic, candid, and forward-thinking, and it is endlessly proud of the work that they do. It wishes to take this moment to extend its thanks towards its team for their determined work during the last 18 months, allowing Fidelis Cybersecurity to pull through the pandemic’s challenges and meet its opportunities, all whilst learning new ways to engage with its clients and expend its successes by pivoting to a global, fully remote workforce. With digital transformation being such a huge business initiative for so many clients across the globe, Fidelis Cybersecurity knows that security that works on premise and in the cloud is more important than ever in securing the future of the enterprise. Combining the capabilities of its Fidelis Elevate and Fidelis CloudPassage Halo platforms, Fidelis is able to deliver market-leading visibility, detection, and response for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, something that will be continually improving long into the future, allowing comprehensive risk management that will change how cybersecurity responds to evolving threats long into the future. Company: Fidelis Cybersecurity Contact: Ingrid Kambe Website: