Issue 12 2021

Issue 11 2021 19 Oct21122 Fight for the Future The power of the cloud is being revealed more and more every day. The team at Cympire have discovered it is the ideal way to train professionals to stay up to date with the latest Cyber-threats. Named Most Cutting-Edge Cyber Training & Simulation Platform – 2021 in Corporate Vision’s rolling series of Corporate Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of the team’s success. Cyber-threats change on an almost daily basis. No sooner has one approach been uncovered than cyber-criminals have discovered two or three more to try. The challenge of any cyber training system is to stay on top of these changes, and old systems simply won’t do. Traditional teaching methods are old, slow to change, and difficult to adapt quickly. Through the cloud, however, Cympire have found a viable way forward. When a client takes on Cympire’s cyber security training and assessment platform, they gain access to a cloud-based, gamified simulation environment that allows cyber-professionals to continuously train on systems that always use the latest information. A rich and impressive catalogue of different scenarios, both offensive and defensive, mean that almost all eventualities have been covered, or can be added incredibly quickly. The challenge of cyber-attacks is seldom the technological aspect, but the human reaction. Working through various simulations means that their clients have the edge when the worst happens. The Cympire approach focuses primarily on the enterprise market, with clients including numerous Fortune 500 companies from the banking, insurance, retail, telecom and other industries. The team also work closely with universities who use the platform as a teaching and assessment tool. The USP of Cympire comes not simply from their use of the cloud, but the way in which this new technology allows customers and partners to create their own scenarios by building a network architecture and attack vectors of their choice. Through gamification, it is possible to create an immersive experience that appeals to cyber security professionals. It’s clear that the cyber-security industry is one that moves at a rapid pace and staying ahead of the competition is a feat in and of itself. Because Cympire was designed for the cloud, allowing those working remotely to easily access it, it grew incredibly popular over the pandemic. While business and industry were slowing down, cyber- attacks were on the rise, and this allowed the Cympire team to help enterprises to build up their cyber resilience. It’s a credit to the team that their growth was not stymied at all during this difficult period. The future for Cympire looks bright indeed as more people see the need for their cyber security to be the best it possibly can be. As the business grows, what is clear is that the team at Cympire are exploring a more holistic approach to their work. While their main mission addresses the needs of cyber security professionals, these departments are naturally interwoven with other parts of the typical enterprise structure. The plans for the Cympire team involve helping important stakeholders to improve their reactions when their organization comes under attack. The world is constantly changing, and the impact of cyber-attacks is a major part of that. The work of talented teams such as Cympire make a real difference when it comes to minimising the impact of these challenges. We celebrate their tremendous success and look forward to what they do next. Company: Cympire Web Address: