Issue 12 2021

Nov21062 Digital Transformation, Personal Service Being the ‘Most Outstanding Coaching & Consulting Company’ in 2021 for Australia, Zen Ex Machina has managed to make a real name for itself with its collaboration focused consultancy services. Focused on business transformation, as well as creating the best business environments within which people can thrive and companies can reach for their next milestones, its results are focused, agile, and sustainable. Furthermore, it adds value to its clients’ businesses that will benefit each team of professionals within for their entire corporate lifecycle. Zen Ex Machina, a company dedicated to improving people’s working lives through contemporary working processes, focuses on providing services to businesses that save them time, money, and stress. Fundamentally, it provides consulting services for its corporate entity clients – services that focus on teams and executives alike – and covers digital transformation, agile coaching and training, management consulting and business consultancy services with Agile IQ, product, program, and portfolio agility, and enterprise agility with OKRs. This all plays into its core mission of improving the working environments its clients build from top to bottom, streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency of teams. Moreover, as one of Asia Pacific’s most effective agile consulting companies, earning Silicon Review awards and APAC CIO Outlook awards alike that recognise it for its continued innovation and agility, it has been propelled into the spotlight of its industry over the past 4 years. Indeed, it has been lauded as one of the current leaders of corporate consultancy in the macro scale. A big part of this is the breadth and depth of services it offers to its clients, as well as the simplicity with which it operates. It loves a complicated business problem and is always energised by a challenge, but will never overcomplicate the work it does for clients; its solutions will always be simple, effective, 21st century solutions that use digital framework techniques to succeed. It develops its solutions to be able to be understood by even the most greenhorn of beginners, always thinking of its user intuitive-ness and how it can train people to have the best solutions and processes for taking the new minds in the business towards being a future expert. Thus, minimalism is also an important feature of Zen Ex Machina. It streamlines its work to cut out any unnecessary jargon or bloatware, ensuring that by the time it reaches a client, a service, training programme, or product only contains exactly what they need to know and can be delivered in the manner most indicative of good learning. As mentioned prior, another element of what has made this company stand out is its dedication to agility. For this company, agile methods are a mixture of measures such as Scrum and Lean solutions that allow for a comprehensive and exemplary end product that focus on collaboration and the achievement of goals with minimal waste. It also carries high replicability within its services, resulting in a programme that can be applied again and again and meaning that it can address a company’s employees or executives in small groups with a consistent experience every time. Therefore, it has the added benefit of allowing its clients to learn faster through education delivered in the best possible way, and also takes on board any feedback or critique that its clients or their teams have in order to continually improve and develop these services. Moreover, this internal dedication to continued corporate betterment has made for a prevailing atmosphere of collaboration within Zen Ex Machina. It seeks to work alongside as well as for its clients, creating a culture of teamwork between its team and the client’s staff that helps to build respect, trust, and a rapport that aids the process of change and allows people to open themselves up to the ideas being presented. This collaboration also generates insights and creates empathy, allowing Zen Ex Machina to benefit as it can draw on the ideas and feelings of the people it is working with as they relax around its staff, able to tailor its services accordingly to generate solutions that perfectly fit the unique ecosystem of that specific company. It also uses this mindset to be able to work across multi-disciplinary teams. Additionally, with this prevailing method of having two or more perspectives operating in tandem on any given project, it can ensure that no one perspective is given precedence over another, and that different opinions and points of view are considered. After all, two heads are better than one, and this is especially true when creating consultancy services for business transformation. Each member of Zen Ex Machina’s empathic and sensitive team brings their own unique viewpoints to the table when working with clients, ensuring that a myriad of different angles can be considered and resulting in truly considerate consultancy services that set it apart from the rest of its industry. Furthermore, Zen Ex Machina is very big on sustainability. It believes that pacing is key to creating a healthy team environment with a good flow of work that sustains itself without constant monitoring or reworking. In helping its clients to cultivate these systems, it can create teams that just work independent of further management, allowing the business in the macro scale to benefit from having thoroughly efficient and well-organised core elements that make up the whole. Essentially, its work focuses on improving the individual working parts of an organisation so that the larger entity can continue to grow. By creating business environments that can pretty much sustain themselves, the resulting business plans can flow better, and teams can function without risking overload. This is because each team will have its own processes and ways of working that suit the people within it, and buck the trend of unfocused to-do-lists that are prone to overflow. Consequentially, Zen Ex Machina has gained a reputation for leaving every company that it touches far better than it found it simply by bringing due process and better business practices that suit the people within the business to the fore, showing how it in and of itself is growing as a consultant with each client. Every client it serves teaches it something new, and it is keen to continue internalising the lessons it gleans over time in order to improve – something that falls in line with its ‘we’re only as good as our last engagement’ ethos – as it continually strives to deliver focused and on-target solutions. This is something it will continue to provide long into the future, and it is excited to explore what the future will hold as it moves forward into the rest of the decade. Company: Zen Ex Machina Contact: Mia Horrigan Website: