Issue 12 2021

Nov21095 The Manager for Managers Bernardo Arnaud, accredited with a ‘CTO Spotlight’ for 2021, is the Chief Technology Officer for Brazilian company OSeuGestor. This company, with a name meaning ‘your manager’, has made a name for itself with the incredibly effective and seamless provision of automated business solutions for a wide range of clients all across the Brazilian corporate infrastructure. Having incorporated in-person service as well as remote service into its business model, it looks forward to reconnecting with clients that it hasn’t been able to meet up with over the lockdowns, excited to see what the future will bring. OSeuGestor, a company located in Ipanema, is a Fintech corporation that has made a name for itself with its client first, corporate growth focused, and automation enhancing technologies. Fundamentally, it was founded to be a one-stop-shop for Brazilian entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized enterprises, allowing them to find and secure a way of functioning that will help them to manage their everyday cashflow, inventory, warehouse, sales, and accountancy, all without increasing the need for manpower or bloating cost. Due to the efficacy and applicability of its services across a wide range of business goals, its clients can be found all over Brazil’s corporate ecosystem from the retail sector to FMCG, as well as hospitality and food establishments. With a name that means ‘Your Manager’ in English, OSeuGestor offers its SME clients the ability to automate its logistically intensive processes in order to free up its staff to work on helping the business to achieve its goals and serve the end-customers with their undivided attention. Moreover, with the aid of OSeuGestor, every financial, fiscal, sales, and inventory channel can be automatically consolidated and invoiced, giving the SME a top-down ‘war room’ overview of its operations and a breakdown of the important numbers that helps them to make decisions easier and faster through its Fintech dashboard. Bernardo Arnaud, the Chief Technology Officer that has helped make each of these technologically forward-thinking services possible, has cut his teeth on creating innovative business technology services all over the corporate world. With over 20 years of experience in the business sector from commodities to product development, telecommunications, mobile marketing, agriculture management, crop protection, assets, project management in aeronautics, automotive and biomedical industries, start-ups, and intellectual property, he has worked on a global scale and across borders. Each of these experiences has been invaluable in the setup and continued success of OSeuGestor. Plying his knowledge and in-depth experience with all manner of technological and corporate operations, OSeuGestor has been able to provide an outstanding online platform for business finance management that automates processes and advances the regulatory framework and adoption of open banking in the Brazilian market, making OSeuGestor a leader of innovation. Furthermore, having used his exemplary level of business acumen in the past to develop processes for JP Morgan, Dassault Aviation, Peugeot, Citroen, SASOL, Sinopec, and more, his education in corporate strategy, crisis management, sales management, and venture capital has proven invaluable. This has further emboldened OSeuGestor’s attitude of ‘clients first’ across the board. With so many of these clients found in restauranteur businesses, supermarkets, bakeries, e-commerce sectors, wholesalers, hospitality groups, and accountancy firms, OSeuGestor approaches them both online and offline in order to collaborate with them in the ways they are most comfortable, fostering a process rooted in working together. By working with – as well as for – its clients, it can guide them through their business transformation and digitisation with empathy and sensitivity, securing its place as a long-term friend of the business and creating a myriad of connections within a vast network of satisfied clients and impressed peers. It achieves a service that differentiates itself from its wider market segment by offering the ability to work with clients offline as well as online, believing that the offline approach is a very different thing to offer in the SaaS field. Most of its competitors run PR campaigns and digital advertising, but OSeuGestor is keen to not forget the human touch, always excited to meet the professionals behind the businesses that it helps to streamline and able to talk them through the ins and outs of automation in as much or as little detail as possible. This is all done by putting a friendly foot forward at every turn. Additionally, by making itself this one-stop-shop for operational and financial operation automation that doesn’t forget the interpersonal side of things, it sees a vast number of business types and scales throughout the year. This allows it to continually grow and improve as a company, taking on board the lessons it learns from every client in order to prevent stagnation and continue to impress a market segment that is always changing and growing in response to different challenges and developments. Of course, with all of this still dedicated to focusing on the better management of cashflow, its clients will also find it endlessly committed to the task at hand, working quickly and efficiently in order to minimise any disruptions to a business’s operations and to fit itself seamlessly around a client’s existing processes. Therefore, when hiring, its priorities cover two separate areas. One is – of course – the prospective hire’s technical prowess and technological ability, but another equally important factor it considers is the person’s resilience, commitment, problem-solving skills, and attitude. This is so that it can continue to build a healthy working environment within which each of its employees can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the direction the company will take as it moves towards the future, embracing the small steps towards progress as well as the major leaps in innovation that have come along over time. Adaptability to these changes is also crucial. With OSeuGestor going through waves of remote work alongside its wider corporate world due to the pandemic, it is seeing this adaptability become more of a priority for its peers and competitors too, able to move alongside its sector to pull through the challenges that the last 18 months have posed. With future plans of reaching its break-even point and starting an intensive growth agenda, it looks forward to further investment rounds and increasing its own functionality, continuously improving in order to serve the needs of a changing world. Company: OSeuGestor Contact: Bernardo Arnaud Website: