Issue 12 2022

Hybrid soccer balls are stitched by using more powerful stitching machines, and extra form is used inside these balls that give a soft touch. In these balls, stitches are not visible and high-quality hybrid balls are also sealed to reduce water uptake; then there is the hand stitched futsal ball - great for indoor soccer games, this indoor soccer ball is built to handle the rigors of hard-surface play. The hand-stitched PU cover provides precise response and rugged durability, and the Taiwan butyl bladder offers air retention; finally, the match-play hand stitched soccer ball in size 5 features 100% PU shine with four layers of polyester using 100% Latex and a butyl bladder. It is eco-friendly and waterproof. Recently, for its dedication to its customers, commitment to product quality, and hard work within the industry, Zera Sports gained recognition in the Small Business Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Football & Sportswear Company in South Asia. As Zeeshan and the team look to the future, Zera Sports’ ongoing commitment is to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and in the timely delivery of quality products at competitive prices and to comply to meet with the national and international standards. Contact: Zeeshan Ali Company: Zera Sports Web Address: Oct22062 Best Football & Sportswear Company – South Asia One of the oldest companies of its kind in Pakistan, Zera Sports manufactures high-quality, premium soccer balls and distributes the worldwide. In later years, the firm added sportswear to its range and now saturates the sports industry with its products. We find out more from the firm’s CEO in the wake of it being recognised in the Small Business Awards 2022. Zera Sports has been manufacturing soccer balls since 1988 and has consistently maintained a high level of service to its customers ever since. By constantly achieving and surpassing its goals, the firm has established itself within the industry as a valued supplier of many different kinds of custom-printed footballs, and all types of sportswear too. Based in Sialkot, Zera Sports works with a lot of high-profile companies from all the world, supplying them with a range of excellent quality products to help build long-lasting, first-class and highly valuable business relationships. Zeeshan Ali is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He tells us more about the firm’s core ethos. “Cost consciousness is the essence of Zera Sports’ production activities and, in order to meet the total satisfaction of its loyal and worthy customers, it qualitatively and quantitatively offers affordable prices,” he explains. “The company also irrevocably adheres to the latest, highly sophisticated manufacturing technology for the production of its unique quality-controlled products, which sufficiently meet the international standards of quality and performance (for example, weight, sphericity, water absorption, rebound, shape and size retention abilities) in accordance with the FIFA requirements.” Just a few of the bestselling footballs that Zera Sports produces include hybrid soccer balls which are also called micro-stitched soccer balls.