Issue 12 2022

Superior API Innovation Application Programming Interface (API) technology is essential for the smooth, safe, and intricate operation of IoT, M2M, online gaming, and more. Locance offers its cloud-based location services to protect businesses, and their customers, everywhere. Here we speak to its dedicated CEO and Co-Founder, Mario Proietti, as it wins Most Innovative Cloud-Based Location API Platform – 2022. Locance is an innovator of ground-breaking API solutions for a plethora of functions. Its internal culture is committed to individual growth whilst nurturing its mutual goals. As a collective, the entire company communicates extremely well to prioritise quality of service, efficiency and growth, staying motivated and focused. The business is constructed on a foundation of respect between all staff members and customers, resulting in its unrivalled success. Its philosophy is deeply rooted in acting as a buttress for its customers. Locance has built itself from the ground up through its tactful skillset, passionate team of innovators, and committed attitude towards outstanding service. Locance’s IoT and machine to machine (M2M) API technology allows its customers to effortlessly locate their devices anywhere in the world, via their Global Site ID (GSID) services. The platform can help businesses to locate IoT and M2M devices no matter their connection type or GPS signal status. • Locate devices in 200+ countries • No app or software to install • Over 160 Million cell sites & 2 Billion Wi-Fi access points globally • No GPS needed • Optimize operations and support costs Industrial IoT and M2M businesses rely on Locance’s platform to track devices, monitor valuable cargo, streamline field operations, and stay aware of their deployed assets in more than 200 countries. Locance services facilitate remote status updates on equipment, personnel, facilities, or assets, regardless of their location. Alongside the real time monitoring, Locance’s geolocation solutions result in secure observations of assets and goods for peace of mind and increased productivity. Locance sees itself as a supporting partner to customers all around the world. Its founders have always had a focus on aiding customers to support their end users in an effective and modernised manner – from helping wireless carriers and public safety agencies locating mobile callers when contacting 911, to trucking roadside assistance years on, and, finally, to the gaming and IoT safety and security that they foster today at Locance. CEO and Co-Founder, Mario Proietti shares, “With gaming, it’s a different kind of safety. It may not involve physical well-being but helping stakeholders in the gaming industry operate safely and free of financial and other exploitation is right in line with our philosophy.” Locance’s geolocation for gaming compliance diminishes risk and reduces fraud. Its cloud-based geolocation technology was first applied to launching iGaming in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, and is now serving customers internationally. With its easy-to-use API platform, Locance’s services help operators within the online and mobile gaming realm. • Verify Users are in Allowed Wagering Areas • Extend Wagering to Mobile and Desktop • Verify On-site Transactions • Comply with Local Regulations Locance’s services do not require specialised hardware or complicated integration – meaning that gaming service providers can incorporate the capabilities in a risk free, safe, and secure manner in harmony with their operational and financial goals. Working to the customer’s budget, requirements, and needs, Locance presents itself as a shining example for what businesses should be, solving problems for customers. Mario tells us, “A particular challenge for the gaming industry is the state-by-state regulatory framework that governs how wagering and other real-money games may be offered and accessed. Some of those challenges are driven by preferences linked to varying local standards and norms.” By being in tune with the market changes and challenges, Locance manages these factors well and, inevitably, adapts to the needs of its customers. “Since 2013, when online wagering was first allowed in some states, we’ve seen steady growth despite the early adoption period taking longer than desired. That was mostly due to the limited number of states allowing sports betting and wager as well as some technological factors,” Mario shares. His words reflect how far Locance has come over the years, adapting and tailoring its services all throughout its years of growth. Connectivity has become faster, through the improvement of internet services, mobile applications have become more accessible and available, and more businesses wish to incorporate location services that aids them with their gaming, IoT, and M2M requirements. Of course, the business has huge respect and admiration for its team of professionals all looking to improve the arena. The team behind Locance works hard to simplify and advance the technology in use, so that we can all enjoy services that truly work. The pandemic brought about a higher need for Locance’s services as more people were looking online for new ways to engage, work, and play. Mario comments, “We expect that growth trajectory to continue to follow a healthy trend for the foreseeable future. As a result of that momentum, online sports betting and other wagering options will continue to become more available and drive new needs for our services.” With regards to 2023 and beyond, Locance is set to expand its services even further as it strives to “reduce end user adoption hurdles and streamlining the integration process for our customers”. By employing faster and better machine learning, Locance strives to enable its customers to perfect their services for the greatest end user experience in the market. Through innovation and dedication to customer success, Locance is set to prosper for many more years into the future. It has won Most Innovative Cloud-Based Location API Platform for 2022 but we are sure this won’t be the last of its achievements. Contact: Mario Proietti Company: Locance Website: “Locance sees that as protecting both our customers and their patrons who just want a safe and fun experience online. We always try to apply our knowledge and services to make a positive impact and help people work, travel, or play more safely and securely.”