Issue 12 2022

Issue 12 2022 23 Nov22066 Most Cost Effective Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys Company 2022 Based in Sweden, Clinton Marine Survey operates with the ambition and purpose of bringing cost effective solutions to the offshore survey industry whilst ensuring a low carbon footprint. We speak to the company’s CEO about the ‘smarter’ approach to carbon footprint reduction as the firm is recognised in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2022. Founded in 2015, Clinton Marine Survey aims to achieve its goal of providing cost effective solutions whilst keeping a low carbon footprint by offering high quality hydrographic and geophysical surveys for navigation, dredging operations, charting, marine construction and more. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and owns a number of vessels specifically designed for working in extreme shallow to medium water depths. Clinton Marine Survey operates specialist shallow water survey systems capable of achieving (and in many cases exceeding) the standards demanded by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Special Publication S-44 Special Order. “We own our vessels and software, standardise equipment, and bring it together with competence from the team of 70 dedicated employees. As a company, we offer customised solutions for project specific requirements and client needs. We work hard to minimise our carbon footprint by using our CIS–the Clinton Internet Solution. This solution has been used for the last seven years and becomes smarter with each passing day,” enthuses Martin Wikmar, the firm’s CEO. “We focus on Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE) in the most practical sense and use the learnings to become stronger for the future.” The company achieves this objective through a combination of meeting client requirements, needs and expectations together with diligently incorporating internal guidelines, processes and procedure. Clinton Marine Survey’s emphasis on providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees has won them the international management system for work environment, ISO 45001 certificate. Furthermore, Clinton Marine Survey complies with environmental laws and emission regulations and is certified in ISO 14001 for environmental management. To demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, it has also become ECO Vadis members. “We are quality management system ISO9001 certified and are committed to living up to international standards. To ensure that we stay updated on the current market requirements we are members and certified in Achilles UDVB Qualification System, which is an independent external audit,” says Martin Wikmar. As its vessels are specifically designed for working in both extreme shallow and extreme offshore depth environments, with hull mounted MBES and SBP systems, the company has enjoyed a long history of delivering complex geophysical projects with SSS, BCS, MAG, MBES and SBP. Given that there is an ongoing push for autonomous vessels in offshore wind projects, Clinton Marine Survey has made it its core markets. “We go for autonomous low carbon footprint solutions which stands for quality and control. To have our client return to us after our assignments with the ultimate goal of being recommended by them to our other clients,” says Martin Wikmar. In one instance, Clinton Marine Survey completed work on an offshore windfarm in just 100 days instead of the planned 200, while providing the client a smart cost-effective solution. “Our client asked us how we can keep doing this into the future and our answer is to be at the forefront and never give up with a set of common goals,” asserts Martin Wikmar. Technology and services aside, the company is employee-first, believing that with health comes results and that ongoing development is the key to success. The team constantly challenges itself to succeed together and push boundaries with one common goal. Recently, Clinton Marine Survey was recognised in the CV Corporate Excellence Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Cost Effective Hydrographic & Geophysical Surveys Company. As a future KPI, the company’s vessels will be run on HVO100 which will bring down its already low CO2 consumption by more than 90 percent; this will be a game changer in the market and set a new standard for the industry. “We love what we do and always make sure to complete our assignments with a passion for the ocean and respect for the sea. Our ambition is to continuously minimize the carbon footprint of our operations while maintaining a high quality of our deliveries. We want to be chosen by our clients based on our commitment and we aim to deliver state of the art solutions which are custom made based on the requirements of each individual assignment,” concludes Martin Wikmar. Contact: Martin Wikmar Company: Clinton Marine Survey Web Address: